I was going to toot a blurb about this but my thoughts seem to expand beyond 140 characters.

I have reasoned that I’m worth buying something that’s the best, instead of buying technology that looks like a good deal. I originally latched onto the idea of buying an Intel Xeon 1230V2. This CPU has four cores and comes with hyperthreading enabled, but over-clocking the chip is disabled. I’ve since decided that I’d rather have a chip I can overclock as well as have these features. The only option therefore, is the i7 3770K, which is Intel’s highest priced 4 core chip. If I were more into cliches, I would call it a top of the line 4-core chip. Since it has a built in graphics (a reason I originally picked the 1230, which doesn’t have one) I don’t have to buy a GPU right away, which may be beneficial because of the graphics card I want.

After some reading, I have decided I would really really love a GK110 based nVidia card. At this point, this limits me to the $1000 Titan or the $650 GTX 780. Neither option is a great value, but the 780 is about 90% the gaming performance of Titan at an easily calculable 65% price. While this looks like a good deal, I believe the 780 is $100 more than it needs to be, because AMD has nothing to compete with it.  I’m inclined to wait for AMD to come out with a card to compete, driving the price down.

The good news here is that, I believe I can get a hackintosh running with the XFX 6850 I currently own. Due to all this mind changing and planned purchase staggering, I may end up with an amazing computer eventually, but now it seems I don’t have to buy all three (CPU, GPU and motherboard) at the same time to have one. If you follow my toots, you may have noticed my increasing impatience with Windows…

Also, I would like to add how great these DT770’s are when I’m able to turn them up and not have to worry about trying to hear someone coming into my cubicle and starting to talk to me. I should have brought the 1/8th” adapter so I could listen to them attached to my parent’s tuner.