More of The Same

The human race is not what it once was, I assume. With the advent of medicine, we have saved the few, at the detriment of the whole. 

Glasses correct poor eyesight, hospitals save the reckless, pills aid the masses and our species is going down the drain. What will our race be like in 1000 years? Will we still be around? What happens when congenital defects and stayed culling become too much…

We are a decaying people, destroying this planet. With the universe as the scope, we’re a speck of nothing on an insignificant dot. A smudge on the incomprehensible timeline of all things is not strictly something that matters. What will become of us in the future?

Once upon a time, people lived with the land, not on top of it.

Companies can’t invest in solar and wind power technologies, because the ‘economics’ don’t make sense. We’d rather poison our environment, than make the right choices. I like to think that I’m the kind of person who makes the right choices, but within reason. I walk to work every day, I chose my apartment specifically because it is close to work. (That and fiber optic based internet was available) I take no part in the daily commute, and don’t care much about gas prices. I fill my car every other month, with typical usage.

Most weeks my car doesn’t move more than twice. Once to get groceries, and maybe once more to see friends who live across town.

I remember reading an article about how there are no places, common areas, where people can go and meet each other. We’re canned up, stuck inside our boxes, living sedentary lives. Common areas are nearly all but gone, and our society seems to have become one giant patchwork quilt of isolated individuals. This doesn’t seem to have happened recently, but gradually over time.

I’d like to believe that once, we were a people who lived in groups, lived off the land and life was okay. We didn’t have shiny things to poke at or sophisticated farming techniques. I know I don’t live my life fully. What the heck is there to do but wait until tomorrow? If I had a way of creating a sufficient supply of food for myself, and lived near a clean source of water, I wouldn’t need to go shopping or have a ‘job’.

I feel like I’m living in a shirt, one size too small. There’s no way to get the shirt off, and upon it is written the words ‘corporate slave’. I give my time to a large organization, to help it continue making (essentially) unnecessary things people don’t need. But I play along. What else can I do? I’m trapped in the machine, and see no other alternative.

I find myself wondering what this planet would be like if there were less humans or if we didn’t exist at all. I’m well behind the opinion that we are a disease, spreading across this land with our roads, and houses, and shopping malls. Spend money, make money, spend money, make money. The ‘economy’ is such a disgusting concept to me. Pillage the planet, pull out the bits and pieces, recombine them into something people think they need in return for some yummy fiat currency.

I spend my life interacting with artificial things, in a fabricated reality, because it’s clearly the path of least resistance.

Reports of great swaths of this nation contracting sedentary lifestyle diseases seem warranted to me. What else do we have to do but work, eat, distract ourselves and wait to die?