Sometimes I wish I was naive enough to believe more things, like religion or terrorism.

I wish there was another country I could move to, and get away from corruption, greed, lies and selfishness. But from what I can tell, there is not. These seem to be guiding principles for those who run (read: want to run) our society. I imagine these groups or people enjoy the lives they lead, because with enough money, anything is possible.

An alternative thought was also posed to me from somewhere on the internet. What if no one’s running this country, but everyone thinks ‘someone’ is. People follow the established rules and norms, while not actually having a plan for the country. This seems plausible because to have a comprehensive plan for the country is probably overly complex.

The government is slowly erasing our guiding principles, namely the constitution. The constitution was set forth to restrict the powers of government. Unfortunately this document is not immovable, and the government has been eroding the rules written on it for many years now. Seems to me, there are few rules left which the government cannot break. Our armed forces kill people with robots, while making us pay for it.

The CIA runs drugs into the country while charging us to do it.

The government ‘bails out’ banks, with our money. Well, I’m not sure it ALL came from tax payers. The (privately owned and operated) Federal Reserve Bank probably ‘printed’ most of this money.