What is required to understand oneself?

I suppose effort is part of it.

I have a few thoughts on trying to flesh out an argument via a text based medium. This is especially difficult when the other party refuses to communicate in proper English, or is still “plugged into the matrix”. My problem is that I hope people can see the truth, but many are dependent on the system of  dis-information streaming out of the news machine in this country. Unfortunately not everyone can be saved, and I have to accept this.

There are logical inconsistencies in the “official” opinions of our government and corrupt media outlets. I could keep my opinion to myself and not write anything out here, but I believe writing (as well as reading) keep a mind in better health. Being able to coherently express an opinion is important to me.

If you’re going to do something, do it right, and make sure it’s done well. I use this reason to justify some of the products I purchase. My next computer is most definitely going to be a “hackintosh” because I believe OS X 10.6 is superior to my current Windows 7 platform. I miss the underlying Unix foundation of Apple’s experience, and don’t mind their UI/UX as much as Windows 7. There are a few things the Microsoft filesystem explorer does that piss me off.

  • I do not enjoy the inability to color-code file names.
  • I despise the stagnation Microsoft is complacent with.
  • Moving from folder to folder is inefficient.
  • Search is terrible
  • The amount of usable information I can see at a glace is terrible
  • Shortcut functionality isn’t likable
    …and the list could go on.

Many people will not understand my desire to purchase a $700 task chair for my desk at home. I spend a good chunk of time in front of the thing, and if I work from home, I want the option of being comfortable. My outgoing office chair has never served me well, and I’m currently sitting on an exercise ball. While certainly usable, it’s anything but ergonomic over long periods of time. Sitting on a ball leads to some muscle fatigue and my posture inevitably suffers when I unconsciously adjust my posture to a more efficient one.

I always seem to end up with my heels dug into the carpet, the balls of my feet against the wall and my knees locked. This posture prevents me from rolling or being movable, but it’s probably bad for my back and other things. For these reasons and wanting to do something right the first time, I’m willing to spend some money on a good chair which will last me a long time (hopefully). John Gruber of has suggested the Chadwick chair ( and I’m inclined to get one.

Again, get something good and get something that will last. If I’m going to be forced to live in a consumerist state, I’m going to buy things, but they won’t be disposable or cheap. The things I want to buy, need to be of high quality and keep working for a long time. I enjoy the idea of looking beyond my own short-term economic needs.

My love of efficiency has pushed me toward fawning over the VW Polo TDI (only sold in Europe) because it seems to clearly be the most ethical version of an environmentally destructive, unavoidably essential method of transportation. Cars suck, and they pollute but I may as well own something fun before oil is too expensive to refine anymore. I ran this idea by my mother, and she had some valuable insight. Super efficient cars are basically for people who drive a lot.

I am not one of these people.

I now walk to work, attempt to carpool everywhere, would much rather take public transit than drive somewhere and clearly I’m not the perfect candidate for a super-efficient vehicle. So I decided to change my mind. Shifting the proverbial needle towards fun, helped me land on the VW GTD which is also only sold in Europe at the moment, but hopefully coming to America soon! Possibly some time near the end of 2014, the GTD will be for sale and I’ll rub my hands together as the monies pile up in my bank account waiting to be spent.

I guess that’s long enough for now. I think I’ve run out of things I want to write about.


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