Spring Time in Texas

I wanted to share this reply I received to one of my Reddit comments.

“If you’re actually not happy that Bin Laden was killed you’re a moron. That has nothing to do with being pro or anti America. Oh unless you’re one of those few idiots who still actually believes that the US actively performed 9/11.

But I thought this was a subreddit for reasonable conspiracies not baby-time frolics fairytales like 9/11 being an inside job.”

-I believe someone, other than who we’re told, organized and profited from the WTC demolition. I say demolition because there is enough evidence to convince me it’s the truth. I have no proof the government was behind these demolitions, but a very powerful group organized them.
-I have no evidence that Osama Bin-Laden is actually dead. I’ve never met the man and for all I can prove, he doesn’t exist. Many base their belief on the existence and subsequent capture / murder of the individual on what other people have said. These other people are many times the media, and the media are largely a group of liars (again, opinions based solely on the information I currently hold)

The internet is a strange place, people.

I don’t have a television because I don’t want one. I don’t watch other people run around and throw things for lots of money, nor do I partake in the consumption of mainstream media fairy tales. The “news” appears, to me, one large soap opera. People die, the government is “in control” and the stock market is up. The two sides of our government argued about something and it’s all a pile of shit.

I consume some forms of passive entertainment I can obtain over the internet, but lately, that which isn’t on Netflix bores me. Community is starting to suck, Top Gear is over produced now, Doctor Who isn’t back yet, Sherlock isn’t back yet, Mad Men isn’t back on either. Suits ended a few weeks ago, and I’m sad about that, but hopeful the next season will be similarly pleasurable. I’ve even longer to wait for episodes of Hunted and Breaking Bad… I may have to look into Homeland to see what I think of that. If any readers have seen some episodes, feel free to tell me what you think of it.

In other news, my hiatus from the facebook is going well. I don’t miss it, fuck that, never going back, if you want my personal data that badly work for it. There are too many other legitimate forms of communication, like my damned phone. I have to take it upon myself to send people text messages to see if they still exist because no one contacts me out of the blue. Maybe I’m weird for being the only person who does that.

The weather here has finally gone and stayed nice. Sunny most days and temperatures most always in teh 60’s or 70’s lately. Talking about the weather is probably tacky, but I love it compared to what IL is like now. I can drive home with my windows open most every day and I can wear shorts to work. Also, I work at a place cool enough to let me wear shorts and a T-shirt while making quite a reasonable sum of money. My job is by no means easy, but it’s exactly what I want to be doing. =)

I think I’m finally fed up with being single. I’m not necessarily a fan of being single, but it’s time to dig myself out of this metaphorical hole and prove to some people that I’m worth something. While this task is generally not difficult, I do have to make an effort to get these interactions. An effort I have not given… ever. There are certain endeavors underway, but more time needs to elapse before I can gauge their level of success. I (per-say) have my foot in the door of opportunity, without an accurate sense of which way the events will play out.

I’m moving closer to work in a few months. I look forward to having the ability to walk from my apartment on workdays. Not having to deal with the other selfish people on the Plano roadways will be lovely (and much less stressful).

I tentatively plan on having my hair cut short so I can jog before dinner, shower and then not have to worry about that (or messed up long hair) in the morning. Of course, the whole plan hinges on getting my hair cut, which should happen sometime this week. I’m mostly waiting for a day where I can wake up early enough to still work 8 hours and not have to deal with much traffic after a post-work haircut.