I’m going to be a consumer whore here for a few minutes…

I keep telling myself that I’m not going to buy a TV until I can get one at a reasonable price with 4K resolution.

I also keep telling myself that I’m not going to get a receiver until my desktop speakers die. That last one I’m probably going to break on. I enjoy listening to music and would greatly enjoy a quality (at least stereo) setup. This setup described as: receiver, a couple floor-standing speakers and a subwoofer. This setup would eventually expand to be a complete 7.1 theater setup for watching passive entertainment and anything else I can get working through a computer at couch distance. Also, I would have to get a couch.

I have not purchased any of these items because I live in a stupid apartment that I don’t want to live in for much longer. I foresee myself staying in Texas, but buying a house is the final statement I’m making to the universe that I’ve given up on trying to find another job (if a better one exists) or that maybe Texas isn’t the place for me.

So. Do I get another apartment and continue to work on my loans, without having to maintain a physical structure myself? Or do I buy a house and stop throwing money down the drain on a structure which is not an asset? These are, probably, the more important questions to ask myself.

Since graduating from college and starting a full-time position, I’m slowly moving away from using monetary value as an indicator for an activity I want to do, and moving towards realizing I want to do it. Which is conclusively a more accurate measure of worth.

Texas is cool. Maybe I’m mincing words. I like Texas so far. I love the weather, I’d much rather be too warm than cold. I have friends and I don’t see why I shouldn’t stay here.