Blame school shootings on media glorification and other outside forces. Please, don’t blame them on firearms.

If a musician produces horrible music, do you blame the instrument?

If an idiot looses their hand due to an improperly used firework, do you blame the firework?

If someone downloads porn from shady sites and infects their computer with a virus, do you blame the computer?


Any misused tool is the fault of the human user. Misusing tools is a problem. An inability to realize or admit to this, is also a problem. We are an imperfect species, and I think we’d be better off if this realization spread.

Those who kill innocent people do so for a reason. Whether they wish to become famous,  feel powerful for once in their lives or some other goal, I fail to see how “gun control” of any sort is the solution. The media cover these events tirelessly; they interview people who should be left alone and show what it takes to be famous. Having skill, or winning a contest is hard.. but targeting a defenseless group of people is really easy. All you have to do is sacrifice your life for it, which these assailants seem to have no problem with. The message is out, and you can see how many have heard it. Want to be on every news channel for a week? Kill a group of innocent people.

I believe that some school shootings could be avoided if more people carried sidearms and were properly trained. Were more people carrying a pistol in that NIU lecture hall, the threat could have been neutralized with a few well-placed bullets. I’m not saying that were a well-trained individual carrying a sidearm, the entire situation would have been avoided,  I’m thinking any assailant would take that into account. The possibility of someone in the crowd with the ability to foil the entire plot would be a deterrent.

“Lone gunman shot dead, avoiding potential massacre” probably doesn’t achieve the outcome they desire. He was the only one hurt, and the media would most certainly cover either person equally. These sorts of things seem to be premeditated, and a school MANDATED TO BE A GUN FREE ZONE is a pretty juicy target. I don’t think people are going to realize this, and I don’t believe the media will reach this conclusion either.

The news networks’ glorification is a problem. Defenseless people are a problem. So you can see, the contributing factors are compounded. People are told they want to be famous. The urge to never be forgotten is innate. People are shown an alternative way to become famous. See a group of defenseless people who, by law, can’t have firearms to fight back. Last step, reach what’s probably an easy conclusion…

You don’t have to agree with me, but I hope there are more people out there who think like me. The media need to stop publicizing these shootings as much as they are.

2 responses to “Opinions

  1. I’ve saved these links in the past, and they both go with what you wrote. I agree with you that the media has a large part to do with it.

    And Roger Ebert

    I don’t know if you still follow IL news, but the 7th Circuit Court put an end to the ban on concealed carry in Illinois. Last week they gave lawmakers 180 days to come up with new laws dealing with it. When those are all said and done, I fully plan on applying for the permit, taking the necessary classes (and then some) and paying whatever fee they throw at us.

    I will be doing this to fully exercise my right in doing so, and that if, god forbid, a situation arises. I may be in the position to intervene. Of course drawing a firearm is an absolute last resort,

    Its not the want of being a “cowboy,” or the desire to be a masked vigilante type.

    This video, starting at 8:40 gives some insight on the “mindset” and training of someone who wishes to carry a weapon.

    • The Ebert article was the starting point of my train of thought and I quite enjoy what I’ve seen of Charlie Brooker’s pieces. That one is good too.

      I don’t follow IL news really, I don’t follow much news at all for that matter (except what gets covered on no agenda, but that’s kinda different than local laws and stuff). The only important things as of late are the weather, how much money is in my bank account, the price of gas, how much food is in my refrigerator…

      That last video is really good.

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