Every day is “Today”

Today I was the recipient of a wishful comment about how most kids are not like me. While this is true, I’m sure there are many people who are not like you. If there were more people like me, they’d all want my job and drive more efficient cars.

Also the whole world would be dudes. No thanks.

I know what he meant though, more people should be responsible and sensible. More people should use their wits and think once in a while. This is the way of the Kevin, but it is not for everyone. Some people do not live this way and they are in different places. Either existentially or physically, I won’t be caught differentiating between the two.

You ever feel like using big words won’t hit the broadest market possible, but probably targets the optimal segment of the market regardless? I’ll probably never use my knowledge of marketing, but minoring in business was enlightening i.e. majoring in “business” alone is knowing how to fill oneself with nothing and be that nothing in a suit following flow charts and corporate guidelines in the pursuit of monetary wealth. Like Xbox live achievements, the corporate ladder is a meaningless way to gauge oneself against a multitude of others in a quantifiable manner.

I’d rather be the person I want to be, the free-form-fuck-you-status-quo kinda guy. Yeah.

I despise pop-quotes taken directly from the text. I end up reading the quote twice, or feeling bad for skipping them. This is my qualm of the moment with TheVerge.com and there are other issues but I will address this one for brevity. I’m not sure what they (the site) are trying to accomplish with them. Was the choice one of style? Do the articles look better with more white space? Is a wall of text too daunting for who they believe to be the average user?

I would rather see pictures or paragraphs, but I’m a minimalist and don’t like repeating a task I need only perform once to accomplish adequately.

Almost time to renew my automobile insurance, I’ll have been here six months come December 11th. -Insert cliche time simile- Yep.. 

I haven’t played Guild Wars 2 much lately. I don’t predict this changing, which is similar to me not enjoying Reddit as much either. There’s only so much good content online, and I’m beginning to know where it comes from. I’m eating higher up on the internet food chain and it starts with this guy’s website. I enjoy many things about the design and content of that one. Much thought has been put into it.

I find myself awash with desire for certain products in times of solace, only to be shaken by the need to think critically and logically. I don’t need a laptop now that school is over. Don’t waste your money on a 13″ MacBook Air, perfectly happy living somewhere in China.

Although, I have purchased myself some higher-end headphones for the purpose of explicitly advertising I’m listening to music and keeping myself from being distracted by others around me. My coworkers are most probably unable to tell I’m wearing ear buds and generally begin a conversation I miss the majority of. But no more! There shall be no mistake made that I’m not paying attention to anything other than what’s directly in my face.

I may need a mirror to see what’s behind me. 8×10 cubicles with work space and entrance opposite one another diagonally seems to be poor planning. I blame the 80’s. They didn’t call though, Emmett Brown didn’t have a kickstarter.

Maybe next time I’ll have a point when I write one of these.

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