The sun sets far too early now

I was getting used to driving to work in the dark, and now I get sunrise in my face at the tail end of my 15-minute commute. Sunrise is the worst, the sun couldn’t be in a less inopportune position than where I’m looking as I travel East.

Having more money is interesting. I decided to full my tank with mid-grade fuel to see if I get better mileage. Gas is $3.06 down here, and the mid-grade stuff jumps up to $3.21.

Doing something just because I want to is beginning to be less of a new concept.

Been calculating my average mpgs and my 2004 Jetta is sitting at 24.24, which is less than I’d like but the car is used and didn’t cost much. (although the repair bills are mounting) I’m almost positive the car was some kid’s because it doesn’t seem very well cared for or “gently” used. I would like it to last another five years, but I don’t know if I’m going to get tired of getting it fixed. First it was the vacuum hose at Firestone, then VW said it needed more vacuum hoses, a water pump, timing belt, valve gasket and an alignment. (It definitely needed the alignment) The oil change and tires I’ve had to buy don’t go in the same category though. By my count, I’ve spent more than 3/4 of what I paid for the car on repairs alone. That’s what I get for buying a used car that seems decent?

I found out yesterday that I don’t have to pay to break my contract with Sprint to get a corporate plan. I was going to buy the Nexus 4 to keep myself from paying more in the long run.. but now that I can simply switch my phone over and have TI pay for the whole thing.. I’m hesitant to pay for a new phone I’m not so sure I want anymore.

I’m very perturbed by the glass back. I’m against putting electronics in big bulky cases which is why I only have a clear scratch protector on my iPod classic and nothing on my Nexus S. I’ve dropped my phone a few times, and nothing bad has happened to it. The Nexus S was pretty much encased in nice, shock absorbing plastic which doesn’t shatter. While the frame has a small dent it it, the thing is barely noticeable because the whole thing is black. The glass back of the Nexus 4 is sure to shatter or acquire some funky spider-webby patterns about it at my hands. People drop things, gravity is unavoidable. Someone should make a phone as durable as my iPod. I’ve dropped that thing several times, and because it’s made entirely out of metal or plastic, nothing has broken. Thank goodness the hard drive still spins. That’s probably the most fragile part about it.

I’ll have to deal with Sprint’s shitty bandwidth, at least for now. I’m not a very on-the-go kind of guy, so the only thing I can’t do is stream music while at work, but there’s already a lot of it on my iPod.. and I’m only streaming the music I already own in my Google drive thing.

OOOOoooo, opened Miro and noticed a new Anandtech podcast is up. =D
One of the better tech-centric podcasts for nerdy people.

Been wanting a laptop, and I see my choices as being at two ends of the spectrum. Either I want the best laptop possible (which for me is probably the MacBook Air 13″) or the most cost effective model possible (which is the new chromebook). Both are either somewhat slim and light without sacrificing too much performance or what is probably the lightest / cheapest laptop, respectively. While I don’t need either, I envision myself sitting wherever I want and using a device to entertain myself. A tablet doesn’t do enough for me because they’re a bigger phone with less connectivity options. No need for one of those, because I don’t really use my phone for much as it is. Since I have Google voice, I could get away with not having a cell phone at all. I play a game on my phone once in a while, but I haven’t found many games I really enjoy. Most of them are some iteration on the tower/defense genre or by Rovio.

Off to do other things because this is already longer than most people will surely enjoy reading.


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