Guild Wars 2

The overall experience of playing Guild Wars 2 is less than enjoyable for me.

It could be that the story line is uninteresting and doesn’t pull me in. Or that the story line missions upset me more than I enjoy them. I find myself regularly engulfed in a mob of baddies, downed and sporting damaged armor. The NPC “help” along for the missions are never helpful and usually die quite quickly. Normally the missions take place in small or enclosed spaces, preventing me from maneuvering properly. Only having the forward/backward axis along which to travel means I hit the point at which the baddies are yanked back to starting positions and return to full health. As an elementalist, I usually have to run in a circle around my enemy in order to successfully defeat them. If prevented from doing this, there’s no good way to dodge attacks or extricate myself from the effect area for spells. Due to the combination of weak armor and a lack of sufficient self-healing capabilities while on the move, I have to concentrate more on not dying than I can on killing the enemy. I do not find this particularly amusing, as it alludes to my character being weak without a means of succeeding.

Not enjoying the game could also be to a lack of variety and the degree to which mechanics are repeated. All of the “side quests” are either mundane, take too long, frustrate the fuck out of me or aren’t interesting. Sometimes, it’s all three. The one aspect of the game I find pulls me toward it the most is map completion. Hearts are the worst part of attaining the goal.

My skills, are interchangeable between elements as an elementalist, but only in appearance and not mechanic. You get the primary shoot them with a wad of the element skill, create a ring of AoE on the ground skill, and other skills that really aren’t very useful. Water allows me to heal myself, but both of the skills which heal are stationary AoE, which means I’d have to stand in one place like an asshat taking damge, negating any healing. Great mechanic guys. The right side of the skill bar is full of what are mostly uninspired skills, with little to no appeal for the most part. Elite skills take so long to recharge, that I find myself saving instead of using them. By the time I realize I need to use one, it’s basically too late at that point and am already taking too much damage to win the battle.

The respawn times on the creatures on maps is too short. If, while in the course of fighting my way towards a skill point in a cave, the enemies are respawning behind me and killing me.. perhaps they come back to life too quickly.

Not being able to sit on a different level vertically as your opponent and do damage to them pisses me off. This results in the enemy being “invulnerable” and combined with the random “obstructed” messages, there are times I’m doing no damange for periods they have no trouble taking out half of my life.

Other players being in the map is more often annoying than it is useful. They pull enemies into your face, which usually results in both of us being killed and tactics don’t work when I’m unable to communicate with this person, save map chat. Tactics are often required when attempting something, now that Henchmen and Heroes are gone, but it’s usually impossible to work with another person on the map.

The random events which happen are impossible by myself when other people aren’t in the map. It’s supid, and I find myself not doing the stupid things.

Teleporting between way-points shouldn’t cost money, especially when moving from within a capital city to another.

The crafting professions are mostly a waste of time because the discovery process isn’t fun and when I spend the time and money to make armor or weapons, I kind of expect it’ll be better than what I find laying on the ground. But it never is. I wish the crafting “levels” correlated to the player level at which the item becomes usable. If my character is experience level 40, and crafting levels increased by five every time the little bar fills up, I’d know that at crafting level 40 I’d be making myself the best armor I can wear. But that’s not how it works. And it’s usually not the best armor anyway. What’s the point of having a maximum level of 400 on a crafting profession?

Number inflation is everywhere… more levels, more health, more damage, more raw materials. More people in the map to be annoyed with because I can’t talk to them…

Maybe I liked Guild Wars 1 too much.


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