There are a lot of assholes on the road and few friends in my contact book, but that’s how it goes when moving to a strange foreign land. The not knowing a bunch of people part can be no one’s fault but my own. I’m very used to the always being around a bunch of people my own age thing. School is probably the easiest place to meet people, and I’ve had to resort to finding people on the internet and talking to people in HR things.

Met one person through a message I put up on the bulletin board near our mailboxes. Unfortunately, he’s probably always really busy.

Met a couple more people through a plea on Reddit for friends. Probably going to meet up with one tomorrow at a free conference he suggested and the other on Sunday for what I expect to be an evening of board game playing.

Met one person and more by proxy through being HR’s guinea pig for a motivational… class thing. Haven’t heard from them in a while, probably because I don’t organize any events for people to accompany me to. I should work on that. Reciprocation is the nice thing to do, right?

Been attending practices for a community band, paid dues, gonna probably be with the group until I’m unable to make Tuesday nights work in my schedule.

I’ve learned, grocery stores are very empty before noon on a Sunday in Texas. I can probably safely assume everyone is either in church or sleeping. Never wager someone isn’t going to merge onto a road, shoot every lane and then take a left in front of you. People like getting in front, especially if there’s no one behind for miles. Earning more money in one paycheck than was made in total the two years of being a Housing and Dining slave will numb one to the concept of money a bit. If I didn’t have to pay bills, rent, car maintenance, for groceries, or taxes.. I’d have already completely paid back my school loans.

Rent is expensive in the rich white-people part of town. Writing a check for over $800 a month would have been madness no more than six months ago.

Moving on to introspection.

Perhaps I’ll move away from Google Plus for “blogging” my thoughts / things I want to write. Here I go:

I’ve been wanting to dump my Sprint phone and get on a TI corporate plan. No charge to me, save the purchase of an unlocked phone (or one of the phones TI offers on their website, but all I want is a Nexus phone straight from Google). The Nexus 4 seems like a really nice phone, but I’m worried about the back being cracked if and when I drop my phone. The chance of Google deciding the back was a bad idea soon are slim, as estimated by my not inconsiderable amount of thinking power.

I ran out of willpower, until next time.


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