CSCI 467

I’m currently in a class, in which I can’t describe the subject matter nor can I tell you its use. This class could probably fall into the category of principle. The principle of something to do with gathering requirements for software. No matter actually writing the software, there will be no opportunities for writing code, we will instead use UML, MS Access, or MS Visio. I’ve never used any of these things, and I wonder how they might be useful in my desired line of work. In this final quest I expect to fail.

My professor keeps repeating, we need to train ourselves to think object-oriented. I’m not entirely sure what that means.

I miss coding. I need to go back over some Assembler and COBOL if I want to find a job in mainframes. It’s a shame there’s nothing online or in the way of open courseware in these subjects. I’m really interested in that sector of the software market..

My class smells like cigarette smoke, which is giving me a bit of a headache.

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