Advertisements scream at me from every angle, telling me time is running out and that I have to prove to those I love they deserve a present. A majority of the things I use daily, I’ve purchased myself.

You ever look at what you have, and realize how much of it is just “stuff” that sits.

We’ve been conditioned to like things. That’s the product of our society. Buy this, buy that, give us your money. Gotta make money, gotta spend my money to be happy, gotta buy this and that or else I’m just out of touch.

Consumerism is a disease.

If I were a politician, this would be my platform:

  • The government has no place in telling people what to do with their body, get an abortion, or don’t, it should be up to you.
  • Bring as many soldiers home as is possible. Costs need to be cut, and “offense” is the biggest area of waste.
  • Decriminalize drugs. Stop incarcerating those accused of possession, and instead offer counseling which is far less expensive.
  • Reform the healthcare industry to align it with a system similar to Cuba, Canada, and the UK. All facilities should be government run and paid for by taxes. No more health insurance companies deciding who lives and dies by being stingy with payouts.

These are the big issues, and I’ve run out of things to say. Here’s my update for today.

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