Advertisements scream at me from every angle, telling me time is running out and that I have to prove to those I love they deserve a present. A majority of the things I use daily, I’ve purchased myself.

You ever look at what you have, and realize how much of it is just “stuff” that sits.

We’ve been conditioned to like things. That’s the product of our society. Buy this, buy that, give us your money. Gotta make money, gotta spend my money to be happy, gotta buy this and that or else I’m just out of touch.

Consumerism is a disease.

If I were a politician, this would be my platform:

  • The government has no place in telling people what to do with their body, get an abortion, or don’t, it should be up to you.
  • Bring as many soldiers home as is possible. Costs need to be cut, and “offense” is the biggest area of waste.
  • Decriminalize drugs. Stop incarcerating those accused of possession, and instead offer counseling which is far less expensive.
  • Reform the healthcare industry to align it with a system similar to Cuba, Canada, and the UK. All facilities should be government run and paid for by taxes. No more health insurance companies deciding who lives and dies by being stingy with payouts.

These are the big issues, and I’ve run out of things to say. Here’s my update for today.


Learning Outside the Classroom

I’m interested in administering my Minecraft server on hardware I own, because it’s a learning experience. I find the task interesting, and having understanding users is a plus for when I want to take the server down for something. I’ve been trying to find out what most cost-effective hardware I would buy, should I go that route eventually, to provide the optimal experience without spending too much.

There is surprisingly little on building the aforementioned machine, because I think fewer people are building their own machines these days. Most of the documentation for Minecraft in general is far below me. The feeling I get, is that many people want to run a Minecraft server, and have it work, without trying to understand how the program works. There are pre-written scripts and ‘painless’ installers which keeps all the difficult technical stuff hidden.

I’m interested in trying to figure out how many threads the java executable can run, in order to select how many cores should go in the server. If all of the processes I run are single-threaded, then they won’t benefit themselves from a multi-core system. While the system overall will be able to split up different tasks to the cores, java may be stuck to running on one core, under-utilizing the other core(s). From what I know, this is largely based on the way the program is written. The code itself has to spawn more threads and then the hardware figures out how to run them.

I could do this kind of thing as a profession, administering systems and making sure servers keep working, it’s just the road I didn’t go down. I suppose I could still do that if I find a position that fits, but I’m really looking for a software position.

In other news, my second to last finals week is nearly over. I have one more final tomorrow and then I await my grades whilst performing my duties until Sunday when I come home. =)

Right now I’m going between studying HTML, which is basically just writing a webpage over and over again to get the syntax down, and writing this article. I figure it should be a bit longer because I have lots to say and haven’t posted in quite some time due to being busy or unwilling to do much of anything.

The election rhetoric is going to get ridiculous soon, once the candidates are narrowed down. I’m kinda behind Ron Paul because he campaigns mostly as a Libertarian. I don’t like that he’s pro-life because a woman should have the right to chose. I also don’t like that he introduced legislation to end assault weapon bans. I like him, but I don’t like everything about him, like I do Dennis Kucinich.

Newt Gringich’s campaign is already in debt.

Michelle Bachman needs to go away forever.

Rick Perry needs to cut out the religious shit for me to care.

I don’t want to put up with religion from every angle, you go your way and I’ll go mine. No Jesus this and God that. This isn’t a Christian nation, it’s the land of slaughtered natives.