Finance Is Dumb

Learning the principles behind the valuation of stock is how you would spend your ideal Monday afternoon, right? Finance 320 is my favorite thing to complain about recently. My professor has too high an opinion of himself and the subject which he is paid to force upon us.

I don’t really care about risk free rates, risk premiums, beta ratings, market inflation trends, hypothetical investment return calculation, portfolio valuation, maximizing the return on my money, the idea of risk aversion, or required rate of return.

I just thought about what it may be like, were I to only post updates on google plus. Twitter will always be the place for one-off thoughts I find amusing, but I should use Google+ for incremental “blog-like” updates, instead of wordpress. Ideally I would post everything to one website that I completely control, but for now I’m spread all over the internet. My updates can be as long as I like, but I may be flattering myself with thinking anyone reads my writing.

There are drawbacks to continually switching up where I post things.. but I could always just copy and paste to all the places I am on the internet.

Have a nice day.

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