Server Direction

Since Apple inconveniently doesn’t update Java on OS X Tiger, installing Linux on the G5 is mostly impossible, and the Power Mac is essentially a space heater.. I want to replace the Apple proprietary innards with some older hardware I have.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to best put the motherboard tray from an ATX case into the Power Mac shell. Whilst this option seems a bit po-dunk, it’s better than trying to figure out how to change the location of the mounting pins in the case.

I want to use the Power Mac case as a shell, with a few larger fans installed and stick the motherboard and powersupply inside somehow. There is probably no easy way to do this. If only there was a way to stick an ATX frame inside the case I have..

Right now I could be attempting to do my C++ program which is due on Monday, but I can’t figure out the syntax of a function I need to use to create multiple POSIX threads. Quite unhelpfully, I add, my professor has not returned an email which I sent this morning. The biggest obstacle I’ve encountered in all of my computer science class, is figuring out the syntax of a built-in function with a really bad man page. That’s the biggest problem with computer science, not figuring out how to solve a problem, but be baffled by the tools provided to solve it.

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