Building A Server

Been thinking about what hardware should go in a server.

I could buy all new hardware, this is the most expensive option, but I don’t have a budget nor do I know what parts are worth my money.

I could buy a used Socket 478 CPU with a clock speed higher than the 2.4Ghz I have in an old ATX board. This would probably be the most reasonable investment, but I’m not sure how large of a performance gain it will yield. Preferably I would upgrade to one with HT and the highest clock speed available.

The least expensive option I have, is to keep the Power Mac G5 1.6 that I’m using right now or move back to the 2.4Ghz P4 board I was running before. I may have to fall back to the latter, as OS X 10.4 doesn’t support Java 1.6, which is required for the bukkit plugins my friends are demanding.

With an open mind, I’ve been looking through value/$ benchmarks which use Passmark and price. The AMD A6 APU is making an appearance at the top in many of them, and I don’t know much about them.

One response to “Building A Server

  1. A bunch of my fellow IT students here have bought server racks… which is funny because they don’t own server shelves… so they typically keep a server rack running underneath their bedframes.

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