Lately I’ve been waking up to a political talk show which leans “to the left”, even though direction is basically irrelevant in the political landscape, because everyone is moving backward.  The parties fight with each other instead of fighting for the people of our country.

There needs to be more accountability in politics. I can’t implement it, but I can at least write what I like.

I wonder if there’s a possibility of finding a logical and unbiased take on the political system of the US. Perhaps someone respected like Noam Chomsky or Neal deGrasse Tyson could give some opinions worth hearing. Science! Oh no, republicans don’t want anything to do with that… it’s logical.

From where I’m sitting, republicans look like empty suits with pretty faces and democrats look like plain oatmeal. While the republicans chase after corporate money, the democrats can’t help but be stirred by the spoon of political contribution. Torn between whatever’s left of their lumpy personal convictions and these exorbitant mountains of money… what would you choose?

I say the republicans need to lose religion and start thinking while the democrats need to find a way to help us. The political system as a whole needs to realize how the internet works, how badly software patents hurt the economy and what computers really do.

You may have already heard my opinion of education, but I think some things need repeating until more people realize what I’m saying is true.

“Some for one and the rest equally distributed among programs which help all”  -Kevin Hamilton

I also wouldn’t be opposed to restructuring the entire system to eliminate waste and teach young minds what they need to know sooner, thus helping them find jobs earlier. I’m mature enough and willing to do work for a reasonable rate of return. I feel as though I have been for several years now.

Give young people more responsibility, expect the best of them, and stop wasting our time! Unfortunately, many of my college-aged brethren do not share my sentiments. They want to increase debt whilst partying and becoming a draining force upon the economic landscape of our country. “More debt!” they exclaim, until crushed by the weight of it.

Giles “University-Student” Corey, debted to death, unable to decide what to do with their life in a misdirected parody of what was intended to be honor. Between credit cards and student loans it’s meaningless to begin with, but our need for money now and our inability to weigh risk, is exploited. I’m left watching the whole scene unfurl. “Where are we headed?” I ask the wind.

It only pushes me away.

This is what I do instead of paying attention in my finance class. I enjoyed myself quite a bit more, actually.


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