We all need hobbies, writing is mine when I want it to be.

Currently I’m installing Linux as the primary operating system to my Macbook. While I wish I had a blank disk to write an Arch ISO, all I have is a two year old version of Ubuntu. Arch is the somewhat complicated and customizable version of Linux, while Ubuntu is the ready for everyone to use variety. At this time I’m also unable to come up with a more eloquent passage to describe the differences, but that’s assuming you (the reader) is at all interested in learning about the niche knowledge I garner.

Now that I think about it.. there was a day’s worth of notes sitting on the desktop waiting to be copied over or put up on Google docs, oops.

Still waiting for my textbooks to arrive, which I kinda need.

We can be who we want to be, but sometimes you have to realize you’re trying to be something impossible. I like that way of thinking over the “be who you are” camp, which suggests we be complacent in failure. If one does not like who they are, change should be an option. My version is a more universally applicable message for this very reason.

I’ve eaten far too much candy in the span of a few hours, and I’m out of words for today.