Summer vacation, all but one week remains.

Seeing as today is yet another day off in a string bestowed upon me, I shall attempt to use the time to my advantage.

Like the title says, I go back to school in a week which I have mixed feelings about. This will be my fourth and final year at yet another school and at times I still wonder why we’re destined to spend so much time locked inside the educational system. I could try and reform the system, but a fat lot of good that would do… I’m mostly outraged at the amount of waste included in the system. I doubt the educational system would be as packed or cluttered if it were more efficient at educating the populous.

Think of all the general education classes which hath bestowed upon you, useless knowledge. The only task I feel better at, is remembering datum for a short while before a test and then completely ridding myself of it during the following semester to make room for more information. I wonder if this in-turn has molded the population to have short attention spans and all sort of unfavorable behavior traits. I’d sure be in a lot less debt if I had taken the classes I needed, instead of the ones the state says are required.

Let’s switch into politics for a moment. I want to outline my opinion of the current state of things, as I see them, in our (my) country. In case you were not aware, the US has been running a backward budget for a while, spending more than is taken in via all avenues. The sum by which we’re “in the hole” might be somewhere around 14 trillion dollars, and growing evermore, if the budget isn’t balanced.

If I may paraphrase Warren Buffet, he said that if the budget is to be balanced, the public officials must have some incentive to do so. The debt being as high as it is, clearly shows that many senators and congressmen are not conducting themselves with their constituents in mind. If legislation were to be passed, limiting the term of all those on the hill to one term should debt be incurred, I doubt the deficit would be more than a few thousand at any one time.

Tax the ultra rich a few percentage more, cut military spending by a gigantic amount, ensure corporations pay taxes (not unlike GE) and hold public officials accountable. This is what really should be done, and also, deport anyone who affiliates themselves with the Tea Party.

Somewhat of an aside, I would also not mind if all mention of God were to be stricken from our currency.. it’s not exactly needed.

I wish public opinion over the debt-ceiling debate was more accurate. The right-wing should not be allowed to hold our country hostage over some fucked up agenda to help big business and their wallets. You can’t sit on the other side of an isle, shouting and yelling at how dumb or ignorant the other side is, without incurring some cost yourself.

I wish the world would wake up and see reality for what it really is, and not what is told to them.

I hope we can one day be rid of organizations like Fox News and the monopolistic media empires which stand behind them.

Can anyone tell me my concern for the direction of our country isn’t warranted?