Television has gotten so bad that I can’t watch (very much of) it anymore. I recently stopped watching Castle, because the plot falls together too nicely. Perhaps I’m expecting the show to feel more “real” than a fairytale where the killer is always put in a detention facility.

I can’t take the polished glean and stainless-steel shine of these fast-paced, modern dramas. Nathan Fillion is a fantastic actor, trapped on a kiddy coaster, lacking thrill. Information is found too easily electronically, witnesses are found without a hitch, and evidence always leads to the catharsis we’re supposed to feel when the case is solved.

Pandering to the lowest common denominator is what drags me down, it’s what keeps me from attaining my full potential.. that and not being born into a rich family. I’m more than the average amount of intelligence, wit and curiosity, so I’m not surprised a puree of bland entertainment fails to keep me interested.

The number of shows I’m interested in is waning, which may be a sign that I’m growing up? Or that I’m starting to feel inaction in the face of all this unrest and injustice is appalling.

Separation of church and state really needs to be straightened out in the south.

Corporations are not people, and deserve none of our non-rights.

The government should not be bought out by those willing to pay. Candidates should be elected because of a vote, and do what they believe to be morally right. Few are interested in the political process at my age, because to them the world is all parties, passive entertainment and sleeping. I may be wrong in this stement, but I have yet to be convinced otherwise.

No one in politics should be “against the other side” but instead “for the right reasons”. Being against someone is the reactive mentality to which simpletons and blithering idiots subscribe.

Don’t prevent the war, have someone else fight it.

Don’t help the planet sustain us, rape and pillage until we have more money.

The oil won’t last forever.. and plastic doesn’t actually help anything.

A train passes by on tracks already lain
burning up precious resources
ultimately ending up where the tracks run out
along the way stopping for no one
a horn wails, get out of my way
because this train is “going somewhere”
don’t watch the scenery
it’ll only slow you down
don’t stop and simply look around
beauty only lies in achievement
the track is sliding past
time churns onward
I want the train to stop and let me off
here looks like as a good a place as any
the air is breathable, but for how long?
this water here is drinkable, but for how long?
you may want to be someone
some day
but I’m someone now
fuck yeah.


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