Weekly Sunday Update?

Thinking about trying to do a weekly post every Sunday as a reflection of the week and expectations of the upcoming one.

Looking back:

This week marked the last one before final exams. Instructors cement, in my mind, the opinion I’ll carry with me as final examinations approach. I shall walk through my classes and my thoughts about them in the order I attend.

Fist up is computer science 463 at 10am every M,W, F, which should really be called “Stuff you’ll never use and that which other instructors insist is not much to worry about”. Instead of giving C.S. majors a practical look at hardware and the processes on which a PC relies, I’m forced to learn about everything an operating system does automatically.  Explain to me why I need to know how something works, that is done invisibly and automatically by something that already exists?  The course is based on out-dated information and a professor rooted in the past. CS 463 could do with a fresh face, and someone more qualified than the department’s IT support individual. The final exam for this class is the one thing I’m most worried about between me and my grades.

Second is a completely different course rooted in actually coding. This is the one course which kept me comletely interested at 11am every M,W,F. I’m not a fan of how little useful information is online about COBOL or Assembler, but the course went alright. If basic syntax and logic blocks were better covered, I would feel extremely more confident in my ability to finish the assignments. The instructor here deserves a large amount of recognition as the most up-beat and interesting person to teach a language in the CS department.

Finishing off my Monday and Wednesday is MGMT 217, out at the Barsema lecture hall. My professor for this class is well articulated and interesting. He definitely knows how to express himself in front of all those people, but I still hate 200-level classes. Into to business law is required for my minor, and if the subject material were anything more than an overview, I’d take it more seriously.

Tuesday brings with it another business course, MKTG 310, marketing principles. This one is also required for my minor, and like the other business course, also just a lot of information. The info is dry, I can’t see where it’ll be useful and the professor repeats himself more often than a pop radio station, and I completely hated his take-home tests.. but I can probably pull off a B.

Last class, once a week on Tuesday I signed up to be in the university band, which is a wind ensemble for anyone and everyone who wants to play wind / percussion for fun. It’s only one credit hour and is the one class I continue to take because I really still like playing my saxophone.

Looking Forward:

Finals to take, residents to move-out, last few days of being on duty and a summer without internship.
I’m going to need goals and structure to make this summer worthwhile, otherwise it’ll be a depressing multi-month time sink.


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