Time to burn

Since I am locked out of the mainframe at Marist College and there’s a glaring error in my other computer science assignment, I have nothing else to do between now and my next class. Time for an update.

The marketing class I wanted to get into has filled up before I had a chance to sign up. In the place of internet marketing, I will instead take services marketing. The course still applies to me, but it’s an hour and half earlier than the other, so I now have a gap between my M W classes. I guess that may leave room for SOUPer Wednesdays, pending I feel like leaving the business building and walking back every week.

I’m contemplating getting another monitor because I feel extremely limited with only one. You should also know, that I lost screen real-estate by moving to my desktop. Normally I would have my MacBook’s screen and my monitor to work with, and now I simply have only the monitor. I would work out using that synergy app, but it’s a headache on the mac.

While I’d like to pay a reasonable price, I’d rather wait until I have the money for a very nice one. Banducci suggested I look at the most expensive Dell 24″. While the size is what I want, I’m hesitant to pay over $500 for the hardware.

I have decided that I am completely fed up with courses that do not teach me a skill. There’s only so much I can do with a load of information without any way to apply it to the world in which I interact. How asinine is it to know the concept behind driving a car, without ever using one, and expecting to get somewhere in it? That’s how I feel in taking all these “principles” courses required for my minor. Sure, I know a lot of information, but the world is not one comprehensively ever recurring final-exam.

I’ve been in a sort of funk over the dreary weather, less than scintillating temperatures and non-buffer zone between here and finals. There’s not enough time left in the semester to enjoy it, but there’s too little to feel as though I’m almost done. At times I can’t help feeling rushed on a treadmill scrolling by, set uncomfortably between walking and jogging pace.

Not enough room to run at my full potential but the pace necessitates more than a comfortable level of effort.

I watched the pilot episode of Community, and it left me with a decent impression of the writing, directing, et. cetera. Once the semester ends, I’ll get into what remains unwatched of the first and second seasons. The show feels pretty real, and John Oliver is always a plus alongside Joel McHale. The show left me with this following thought:

As an intelligent person, you get used to not putting in much effort.. then when college rolls around, you have to either step up and do what’s required or sink in the mire you’ve created.



Read today that Obama is submitting his candidacy for the 2012 presidential election. Before I support this decision, I want to know who else is running and what their values are.

I’m not going to get behind a candidate because I feel more closely aligned with the party they’ve joined. I want to support the person who will help our country the most. Right now, I’d really like to see Dennis Kucinich in office, but he’s an outlier as far as the rest of our country is concerned.

Most people will try and tell you that Obama has done nothing but run this country into the ground, but I argue differently. The problem is big business and trickle-down economics. Too few have more than enough and too many have less than they need. Turning this system around is worse than impossible. Those with the money influence more than you think, and they drive this country.

I wish the US were more caring and compassionate, but businesses here are all about taking our money, instead of providing public good. Take a look at banks, car manufacturers, telcos, oil conglomerates, and insurance companies. I don’t have warm fuzzy feelings about any of them because they have far too much money.