So far this week I’ve had three interviews with prospective summer internship opportunities and another one tomorrow. That will probably be my final, since spring break ends on Sunday. I’m glad that even if the internships fall through, I could probably be working with my brother.

Knowing I’ll at least have something to do over the summer is comforting, because I can’t stand having nothing to do. I don’t have anything to do right now on spring break, and that makes me feel foggy somehow.

My mind is out to lunch, not really thinking about anything or figuring anything out. I don’t think I can spend another summer without a purpose.

At the moment I’m watching Syriana and I don’t quite get where it’s going. There are some things going on, lines are spoken and it seems like a way to spend time without having to think.

I was asked a few questions during my interview, with a smaller consulting firm, that were real thinkers. The man who interviewed me was head of the business and also very intelligent. It was half interview, half advising. He spent time learning about me, and then gave me tips and pointers he didn’t have to. He talked about what the future could hold for me, and the different paths I could take in the software development field.

I hope one day I can have a pick between too many attractive job offers.

The world needs to start weaning itself off of oil.

IPv6 also needs to start getting rolled out.

Change is only quick when a catastrophe happens.. can’t the US change because it needs to? Stop overspending, stop the military occupations in the Middle-East, implement more efficiency, and please give us a single-payer health insurance option.

..but there’s little money in helping people out. Only money in screwing them over and forcing the standard of living down. People lose their jobs and homes while the income gap widens.

I fear for the fate of humanity because this pace isn’t sustainable. The US is going to have so much debt, that it’ll cost more to pay off loans than there is money in the country. If nothing is done about our national debt, we’re all going to pay.

I’ll try to take a Carlin-esque stance and watch as the world burns, if I’m “lucky” enough to see the tragedy unfold. I feel like the government, and all people are a train without breaks. Economies will collapse, governments will collapse under their own overhead, and someone will be thinking “How can I profit from this?”

Compassion goes a long way and we’re a long way from being a good people. Live a life worthy of praise and reward. I suspect many fail to live a life of fulfillment and wonder, because they don’t give more than they take.