If I was in charge.

Imagine you’re playing Sim City 4. If you’re unfamiliar with the game I’ll give a brief summary.

Construct roads, utilities, zone land and wait for buildings to crop up. You play as the mayor and earn revenue by way of taxes / specialty buildings you allow in your city. There really is no goal, but keeping pollution down and income in the black is something I always aimed for.

Now, imagine that you open a save file from someone else who doesn’t know what a budget is. Taxes were low and spending was high… your treasury is at -$14,115,704,284,174.74. Maybe this particular city was on fast forward for years, with little oversight.

In Sim City, if you don’t have a positive amount of money, you can’t build anything. There’s no deleting, no re-zoning, so you have to cut spending and raise taxes. Hoping that the amount slowly goes positive is all you can do.


You can completely ruin your city by calling in a catastrophic natural disaster that tag-teams with a giant car robot. Half of your city is wiped out in a spectacular display of might. Then quit the game and move on with real life.

But you can’t quit. This is real.

Someone in DC better start learning how to penny-pinch and stop running up debt like a 16 year-old, war hungry, only child, freshman in college. Wake the fuck up and realize this is a shitty way to run the country. Start cutting back on everything unnecessary and work out balancing the budget.



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