If I was in charge.

Imagine you’re playing Sim City 4. If you’re unfamiliar with the game I’ll give a brief summary.

Construct roads, utilities, zone land and wait for buildings to crop up. You play as the mayor and earn revenue by way of taxes / specialty buildings you allow in your city. There really is no goal, but keeping pollution down and income in the black is something I always aimed for.

Now, imagine that you open a save file from someone else who doesn’t know what a budget is. Taxes were low and spending was high… your treasury is at -$14,115,704,284,174.74. Maybe this particular city was on fast forward for years, with little oversight.

In Sim City, if you don’t have a positive amount of money, you can’t build anything. There’s no deleting, no re-zoning, so you have to cut spending and raise taxes. Hoping that the amount slowly goes positive is all you can do.


You can completely ruin your city by calling in a catastrophic natural disaster that tag-teams with a giant car robot. Half of your city is wiped out in a spectacular display of might. Then quit the game and move on with real life.

But you can’t quit. This is real.

Someone in DC better start learning how to penny-pinch and stop running up debt like a 16 year-old, war hungry, only child, freshman in college. Wake the fuck up and realize this is a shitty way to run the country. Start cutting back on everything unnecessary and work out balancing the budget.



A Sense of Security

There’s a lot of uncertainty in our lives as college undergraduates. Schedules change every semester and CA’s have no clue where they’ll be stationed from year to year. Everyone needs a foundation, and having our routine overturned multiple times a year takes its toll.

Where do you find your sense of security, is it in your significant other? Do you have a hobby to delve into? Maybe you have some goal you’re working towards, like graduation.

Life without a shoreline is like the open ocean.  Imagine yourself in that situation without a compass. No clue what your heading is or if you’re even making progress…

Life without a sense of security is frightening and no one should have to do it. Be thankful for the individuals who will sit with you for lunch or take the extra time to ask how your day has been. I like being appreciated, don’t you?