Me and Technology

I recently added another grouping of hardware to my room, which leaves me with three machines. I have a server now, which is running Minecraft and teamspeak; there’s this desktop I’m currently writing the post from; and my laptop which I can now use for notes in class. I had the Minecraft server running on my MacBook, but this limited me from using it to take notes or having a movie night without interrupting service.

The server is nothing more than the parts which have since been replaced as our family computer back home. The hardware is very outdated, by six or seven years, but it seems to be doing alright running Ubuntu-Server 10.10. I finally figured out persistent bash sessions, by way of a program for debian based systems called byobu. Byobu is a front-end for the screen program, which in essence, emulates multiple terminal windows within a program.

When I log into the system via ssh, byobu is automatically run, returning me to the window I left. Along the bottom info-bar are helpful readouts of things like readouts of RAM usage, network activity, server uptime, and update availability notifications. The most annoying thing, is having to change the keyboard function key encoding to xterm R6 every time I log in.

If anyone wonders why I’m usually quiet, it’s because these are the kinds of things I’m interested in. Today I took an hour to figure out writing a shell script to back up the map files for my minecraft server. Getting it to work entailed figuring out ‘tar’, ‘bzip2’ and using ‘date’ inline with ‘mv’. I’ll probably set the script as a cron job, but that will mean stopping the server, which I’m not entirely sure how to do from a different prompt. There’s probably a way to send the minecraft_server process a signal, but that requires research.

These are the sorts of things I enjoy doing, while procrastinating.

If anyone has spare parts hanging around I’m looking for some DDR400 RAM in sizes above 128MB. Ideally I’d have four sticks of 512, but right now I have one. Keeping it company are a couple sticks of 128MB and a lonely 256MB DIMM. There’s no symmetry, and it’s a pain. On top of all this, the CPU fan emits a droning noise. It doesn’t keep me up at night, but it makes my room more noisy than it has to be. I can hear all this, because I’m not keeping the hardware in a case. Did I fail to mention that?

I wish Simcity 4 worked in Windows 7, since it doesn’t, I’m left listening to the soundtrack.

I have also not played Starcraft II very much since I bought it, maybe this can change?


2 responses to “Me and Technology

  1. Hey I just set up a server also for minecraft, however when I’m in the byobu its giving me a “unable to access jarfile minecraft_server.jar a buddy remotely got it to create a minecraft server earlier today but hes way more linux savvy. Any help on getting it to locate the file, and a little help on how to port forward my friends so they can start logging on would be great 🙂 thanks!

    • The problem is not that the command line cannot find the file, he cannot or does not have permission to execute the file.

      Make sure the server has JAVA installed.
      Make sure the .jar file has execute permissions for the user he’s logged in ( cd to the directory and as user ‘sudo chmod +x ./”name-of-jar” ‘.
      Use a router to port forward. If you need tips go to

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