Me and Technology

I recently added another grouping of hardware to my room, which leaves me with three machines. I have a server now, which is running Minecraft and teamspeak; there’s this desktop I’m currently writing the post from; and my laptop which I can now use for notes in class. I had the Minecraft server running on my MacBook, but this limited me from using it to take notes or having a movie night without interrupting service.

The server is nothing more than the parts which have since been replaced as our family computer back home. The hardware is very outdated, by six or seven years, but it seems to be doing alright running Ubuntu-Server 10.10. I finally figured out persistent bash sessions, by way of a program for debian based systems called byobu. Byobu is a front-end for the screen program, which in essence, emulates multiple terminal windows within a program.

When I log into the system via ssh, byobu is automatically run, returning me to the window I left. Along the bottom info-bar are helpful readouts of things like readouts of RAM usage, network activity, server uptime, and update availability notifications. The most annoying thing, is having to change the keyboard function key encoding to xterm R6 every time I log in.

If anyone wonders why I’m usually quiet, it’s because these are the kinds of things I’m interested in. Today I took an hour to figure out writing a shell script to back up the map files for my minecraft server. Getting it to work entailed figuring out ‘tar’, ‘bzip2’ and using ‘date’ inline with ‘mv’. I’ll probably set the script as a cron job, but that will mean stopping the server, which I’m not entirely sure how to do from a different prompt. There’s probably a way to send the minecraft_server process a signal, but that requires research.

These are the sorts of things I enjoy doing, while procrastinating.

If anyone has spare parts hanging around I’m looking for some DDR400 RAM in sizes above 128MB. Ideally I’d have four sticks of 512, but right now I have one. Keeping it company are a couple sticks of 128MB and a lonely 256MB DIMM. There’s no symmetry, and it’s a pain. On top of all this, the CPU fan emits a droning noise. It doesn’t keep me up at night, but it makes my room more noisy than it has to be. I can hear all this, because I’m not keeping the hardware in a case. Did I fail to mention that?

I wish Simcity 4 worked in Windows 7, since it doesn’t, I’m left listening to the soundtrack.

I have also not played Starcraft II very much since I bought it, maybe this can change?


Resolutions are crap

I’m making a list of things I want to do. Whether or not I do them has no bearing on the validity of the list, therefore none are resolutions.

-Run three times a week with my new shoes.
-Find a path back into liking reading.
-Bench my body weight.
-Keep my cumulative GPA above 3.5
-Go to bed tonight before 11:30
-Practice my sax twice a week
-Give out free hugs
-Participate in the day of silence

What I really wanted for Christmas

I wish AMD would get their shit together and make a display driver for Linux which supports the Radeon HD 6850 I bought two months ago. The display tops out at 12080×1024 on the default driver, whereas I actually want 1920×1080.

I wish the Twitter app on Facebook actually worked with my twitter account. I can use it with a new account I created, but still refuses to work with my primary account I’ve had for several years.

I wish Gwibber would update from it’s state a week ago. AH HAA, figured it out. I had to re-authorize the application to get anything. I’d probably removed it to try and get Twitter -> Facebook working.

Hopefully, Skype will one day integrate into all the chat clients. I’m a bit annoyed with having to run two separate applications, to chat with Trillian at the moment. Things are also not much better on Ubuntu. I can’t even enable silent mode, and seamlessly integrate the different chat windows into a tabbed pane for easy collection of my chats.

My computer is nearly complete. Once my CPU heatsink and surge protector arrive from Amazon on Tuesday, I’ll have gotten everything I truly feel is warranted. I could always get another hard drive, but right now, over 2.5TB is plenty of storage.

I’ll have to return to school on Monday the 10th, which means the beginning of spring training for all the CA’s. Residents should start arriving Thursday, which should mean precious few days of quiet left. This semester I’ll have considerably fewer weekend duty assignments.. out of the possible sixteen or seventeen weekends, I was on duty for six of them.

The Sims 3 expansions: Late Night and Ambitions have been taking up a good portion of my time over the past two days. I’ve been trying out various new professions and basically wasting time when I don’t feel like doing anything else.

I miss the bandwidth that I get at school. DSL is pitiful.

I also doubt I’ll be able to finish the sixth and seventh Harry Potter books before the end of break. I’m nearly through with the fifth book right now, which leaves me a week to wrap it up. Not going to happen.

I’m thoroughly excited to be starting two hours later every M,W,F. This influx of time allows me enough time to run and shower before class and still get a decent night’s sleep. I haven’t run since the start of fall semester, because it’s impractical to take more than one shower a day. I’d rather not use more soap than I have to,  or use a wet towel to dry later in the day. I could take another towel, but then I’d be using both of my towels in one week. This would increase my laundry usage, and force me to do more laundry than is absolutely necessary.

On the topic of laundry: I do laundry when I have to be cause otherwise I could be putting it off. Anyone else like procrastinating as much as I do? Then you’ll know exactly what I mean.

If I didn’t live in two different places, my room would feel a lot more comfortable. Sometimes I wake up not knowing where I am, and it’s only going to continue as I’m moved around next year for CA duties. Moving home for winter break is weird because I’ve spent all that time getting used to living at school, but then going back feels weird because I’ve slipped back into the routine of living at home… all this change probably causes me some level of stess unconsciously.

I can’t bring myself to play SC2 very much because I want to make it a social thing with friends. I want to team up and battle another team. A win or loss in that scenario doesn’t feel completely my fault, because there are two of us and I’m mostly doing it to have fun. Playing 1v1 on the other hand is more stressful. I have to remember to do everything on my own and that adrenaline really tires a person out.

I saw The Social network has made its way to Blu-ray. Not worth the purchase. I’ll tell you why I think this way.

This is a movie trying to be cooler than it actually was. Justin Timberlake’s character brought in an element of glamorisation, which I felt brought the film down. A lot. The film ended with saying that Zuckerberg is the youngest billionare, but without feeling like I know the actual Mark Zuckerberg, I don’t give a shit how much money he has.

There’s too much going on in the story line, for any one element to be coherent. The plot attempts to turn an abundance of facts into a streamlined journey from point A to B. I say attempts, because there are some very jarring transitions between moods I had to endure while sitting through it. At times I feel a sort of Jobs-ian control exercised by “Zuckerberg” in the beginning but then the plot moves to California. In California it’s as if I’m to feel they’re kids who’ve never had freedom before.

It’s a movie I can’t bring myself to take seriously, and fail to figure out who the main character really is. Through all the twists and turns the only person I feel like, is the best friend who got screwed out of his money. The biggest problem, is that this character takes a very large leave in the middle, leaving me to try and relate to these “gone wild” hooligans in California.

He returns at sporadic points which aren’t part of the underlying flashback… but it’s not enough. The Social Network is one movie I feel has too much going on, for it to be a lasting piece of film making. Inception on the other hand, complete genius.

I should get in bed, my sleep schedule needs to be forced back to normal anyway.