Imagine playing a game, like Sim City, where you have an unlimited limit on your loans and there’s nothing stopping you from spending more than your income.

Say you find a credit card that isn’t yours, and there’s no limit on it. You can spend as much as you like, and you’ll never see the bill.

If the government were a firm held to the guidelines of publicly held corporations, it would have exited the market a long time ago. I’ve learned from economics a firm is either making profit, minimizing losses ( while covering variable costs), or covering no costs (where a firm should immediately exit the market).

Unfortunately for us, the demand for a government is high and supply is relatively low.

Well, the demand is high, unless you talk to the GOP where demand is slightly lower. “Smaller government!” …but I don’t think the problem is the size of our government, the problem is with efficiency. Our government is fucking inefficient and uses too much money. Stop wasting, and start saving more.

If the government were run by women, this shit would have been solved a long time ago.

You see what I did there? I reached out to a group which has traditionally had a small amount of influence over the legislation pouring out of Capitol Hill. The thing is, there are fiscally irresponsible people everywhere irregardless of how you want to divide the populous.

The problem with governing people is that anyone who wants to do it, isn’t suited for it. I’m convinced of it. If someone nice ran our country, we’d be helping a lot more people and shooting a lot less.

People are ridiculous.


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