Cynicism and Distance From Everyone

I’m one of the least interested college students in having a cell phone. This is an estimation, but from observation, very close to being true. I haven’t had a working cell phone since Nov. 13th and no one’s been any the wiser (except me). I don’t miss my phone very much, because they’re such a flawed excuse for a means of communication. Voice breaks up easily over cellular transmission, and I have no need to instantly send someone information via text message.

Are we so insecure and vain as a people, that the constant reassurance of text messages has become essential to the populi?

While entering the elevator in my residence hall, I’m constantly surrounded by individuals who are either talking on a cell phone or have their heads buried in a text message conversation. When was the last time you watched the sunrise, or stopped to take in your surroundings? Can you give up your phone for a day, or a week?

I enjoy riding my bike to class because it’s easier to get somewhere faster and feel like less time was “wasted” in the process. How much time did I really save over choosing to walk? Did I really better myself or accomplish something in that time?

Time dictates our lives and social interactions become impersonal. Information is read, like facts in history books or mathematical formulas. If you were an acclaimed autor, or had impeccable skills as a wordsmith, perhaps I would converse more in a fashion suiting your skills.

but you don’t.

Talk to me using conversation as the medium and more than one of my senses. Hearing someone and seeing them at the same time brings so much more to the experience.

Convince me that my personality is less enjoyable in-person. You may try, but I couldn’t do it.

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