Nearing the end of November

Finals are just a few weeks away and this could be a cliche “look-back” on my time here as a CA, but it won’t be.

I was playing me some Starcraft II today, and I do enjoy the game. There was a free weekend pass on the Souteast Asia servers, so I made an account and got my free weekend. I tried my hand at Terran,  then started out being proxy-gated, cannoned, and proxy-raxed on my first few match ups.

Those losses are so disheartening.. but then after I finished my placement matches, those things quit appearing.

If you asked me what else I accomplished today, I couldn’t tell you. I know a little of the time was spent on watching Thursday’s Daily Show, two episodes of House, half of “The Good, Bad & Ugly” and my day started out with “Wait, Wait.. Don’t Tell Me” live at 10:05am. The gaps between, I’m not so sure what I did in there.

I just got distracted and went on reddit. I guess that’s the end of this post.

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