Cynicism and Distance From Everyone

I’m one of the least interested college students in having a cell phone. This is an estimation, but from observation, very close to being true. I haven’t had a working cell phone since Nov. 13th and no one’s been any the wiser (except me). I don’t miss my phone very much, because they’re such a flawed excuse for a means of communication. Voice breaks up easily over cellular transmission, and I have no need to instantly send someone information via text message.

Are we so insecure and vain as a people, that the constant reassurance of text messages has become essential to the populi?

While entering the elevator in my residence hall, I’m constantly surrounded by individuals who are either talking on a cell phone or have their heads buried in a text message conversation. When was the last time you watched the sunrise, or stopped to take in your surroundings? Can you give up your phone for a day, or a week?

I enjoy riding my bike to class because it’s easier to get somewhere faster and feel like less time was “wasted” in the process. How much time did I really save over choosing to walk? Did I really better myself or accomplish something in that time?

Time dictates our lives and social interactions become impersonal. Information is read, like facts in history books or mathematical formulas. If you were an acclaimed autor, or had impeccable skills as a wordsmith, perhaps I would converse more in a fashion suiting your skills.

but you don’t.

Talk to me using conversation as the medium and more than one of my senses. Hearing someone and seeing them at the same time brings so much more to the experience.

Convince me that my personality is less enjoyable in-person. You may try, but I couldn’t do it.


Nearing the end of November

Finals are just a few weeks away and this could be a cliche “look-back” on my time here as a CA, but it won’t be.

I was playing me some Starcraft II today, and I do enjoy the game. There was a free weekend pass on the Souteast Asia servers, so I made an account and got my free weekend. I tried my hand at Terran,  then started out being proxy-gated, cannoned, and proxy-raxed on my first few match ups.

Those losses are so disheartening.. but then after I finished my placement matches, those things quit appearing.

If you asked me what else I accomplished today, I couldn’t tell you. I know a little of the time was spent on watching Thursday’s Daily Show, two episodes of House, half of “The Good, Bad & Ugly” and my day started out with “Wait, Wait.. Don’t Tell Me” live at 10:05am. The gaps between, I’m not so sure what I did in there.

I just got distracted and went on reddit. I guess that’s the end of this post.

Hey, it’s November now!

Well, the heat still isn’t on in my dorm room. As a result the temperature is quite low at the moment, and yet I’m in shorts and a T-shirt. My feet are beginning to numb a bit but I’ve enough to do so I don’t really notice.

Been working on my assembler program for most of the day, slowly. My attention has been divided between coding, ripping a few of Drew’s Bluray discs to my drive and attempting to encode them. I can’t get Handbrake or RipBot to encode the m2ts monstrosities I’m left with, after siphoning video from the disc.

Today started off around 9am with Terry emptying the garbage cans on my floor, and me not being able to get back to sleep. I used Reddit to guide me across the internet for a while then decided I had better shower in time to catch Wait, Wait live at 10:05. Back at my room just in time to hear Sagal introduce this week’s panelists, I was excited to finally catch the program live. Whilst listening I played Minecraft and delved deeper into my mine.

Shortly after the program ended, I was affronted by Mike and Tim to join in on Guild Wars. We attempted a few things in Cantha, but ended up trying the bonus on Dunes of Despair to no avail. Tim managed to lock himself out of his apartment and Mike went off in search of ways to suggest he try to get in. At this point I left to go work out with Drew.

My ID didn’t work at the front desk of the Rec, so she said that it would be the last time they’ll let me in with my ID in its current condition. I could procure a new one, but it will cost me a sum of five dollars I refuse to pay on principal. It’s not my fault I had to swipe it for everything in the past five semesters. Perhaps, had I not eaten it would still work? What if I had skipped my morning run, of three times a week, last year ?(A routine I hope to re-implement this upcoming semester)…

All routes lead to me being worse off and not having profited much from the University.

After getting back from the Rec, I delved straight into this assembler program and aforementioned Bluray shenanigans. I could also be doing Java, but I feel less inclined to try that application. Maybe I’ll try to make progress on that tomorrow… =)

Both Handbrake and RipBot264 hang somewhere in their encoding process of the m2ts files. Could be the sheer size of the files, or the one hard drive choking on mass amounts of data movement. I’m not quite sure and there isn’t much help on the several forums I looked through.

On a side note, I finally made Windows 7 the default OS in Grub2. Booting to Ubuntu is met with a level of animosity on behalf, because the drivers are yet to work with my fairly new Radeon 6850. I understand that Ubuntu is completely open source and free to anyone, which causes a lag in development… but I want my pretty Ubuntu 10.10 to fiddle with.

I had dinner with Amanda, Angela and one of the CA hopefuls who lives on Kristi’s floor. I’m not clear on what his name is at the moment.

Imogen Heap is smooth like warm pie, but with heavier notes of holding your breath at the bottom of a pool.

I’ve been looking at storage hard drives, and the Samsung models look seductive. I could increase my storage by 2TB, for a pittance of $80. I bought my external 500GB for $110.. prices sure have changed. The only way to rationalize the “lost” investment follows a metaphor with a river and gained momentum.

I like the way I write.