I, obviously, have not posted anything in a long time.


Degrees of laziness

I only wash my silverware when I use all of it, which means my desk is usually adorned with semi-dirty silverware. Don’t worry, it’s safe over there in its corner.

I quit all free online games that I had signed up for over the summer / course of the last month. As a result I no longer play eRepublik, Ogame, or Ikariam. The last two are by the same parent site, and the underlying mechanics are basically the same which led to a sense of pointlessness after a while. They didn’t feel as though the games were going somewhere.

Yesterday instead of watching the end of Newbie Tuesday on Day9’s Ustream, I went out for a run at 9:30 last night. It was a little cold at first but once I got going it wasn’t so bad. For not running the past six weeks I seem to be in alright shape. Chalk one up for taking my bike everywhere and back, multiple times on some days.

November can’t come soon enough for the evental price drops on current AMD 5000 series video cards.

I’m putting off buying my Phenom II 955 until I buy the other parts I require for a working PC. No point in buying now without a price drop or promo-code when prices might go down between now and November.

I’ve been listening to This Week in Hardware from the TWiT network. I had gotten out of the TWiT shows before, because they all felt too rambly, but this one is concise and on topic. It probably helps that there are only two guys doing the show as well. A podcast is too crowded after a fourth person is added, which is the biggest drawback on the State of The Game podcast from JP on the subject of Starcraft.

Took my first Java exam today. I hope I got at least a B.

All this pressure I put on myself to get straight A’s is a heavy load, is it worth my time to get excellent grades on everything? So far my 200-level classes have resulted in mid-B’s on exams. I’m super disappointed that I didn’t get A’s.

Time to figure out which classes I’m taking next semester.

Friday Night of Thought

Michael Hedges, really awesome.

Today a deal on the front page of SlickDeals pushed me to consider the XFX Radeon 5830 which made its way to the front page. I don’t need that much power by any means, but it was an option at the time since it cost only 142 after rebate. I still have my eye firmly on the 5750.. or 5770 which is a little bit better. (cost/performance thoughts there as well) Being the curious person I am, I posted a question for the fine people who frequent SD, and got a couple of fine suggestions.

“Hey, just go with a 5850 and run two because your PSU should support the two.”

I’m a little leery about this because multiple sources tell me otherwise, but logic dictates that not everyone can be correct. Who do I trust, the people who sell the products, or those who actually purchase them? While there is no obvious answer, I now have all cards between 5750 and 5850 on my mind.

(plus today I found out that AMD will be announcing their new 6000 series cards Oct. 19th)

November will be my target purchase date for these remaining pieces to my PC puzzle. Woo for having a desktop to keep me company over winter break. I imagine Steam games galore, SC2, Guild Wars f in stunning detail outside of the family desktop, The Sims 3, and I cross my fingers for Sim City 4 compatibility.

I still can’t decide how to partition my hard drive and which operating system to use as a primary. I’m leaning toward using Ubuntu as my primary, and having Windows 7 as a secondary… but I’d really like to see three partitions. Two for boot, and one to use as a common storage area. WIth the three partition solution, I’m left to find a common file system both wil use. I’ll probably end up using NTFS because I feel getting ext4 support in Windows 7 is going to be a pain.

I picture Windows as the stubborn uncle who refuses alphabetize his VHS tapes and uses an antiquated system of shelves in a basement, while Linux is a modern library where everything is organized in a logical fashion and easy to get to.

Some games will run on Linux, but none of them will run like a native Windows install… which makes me sad.