Current Musings

It all started with the purchase of a Lian-Li Lancool case over the summer. I bought the case with a large discount and added on top of it a $10 gift card Newegg was nice enough to give me for loyalty. The case sat at home for a couple months and then I saw an Asus motherboard on Slick Deals for around $70 after rebate. Newegg was selling it and that was a deal I couldn’t pass up. It’s an AM3 board with two PCIe slots, capability for DDR3 1600 RAM, plenty of SATA ports and a wealth of ports on the rear including eSATA and Firewire 400.

A week later, I saw a 650 watt Corsair power supply on sale with a thirty dollar rebate and ten dollar promo code.

This week I ordered 4 gigabytes of Patriot RAM. After a $15 promotional code, and $20 rebate, the total for that one comes to $65.

At the moment I’m figuring out the best way to frugally buy an AMD Phenom II 955 Black Edition processor and an XFX Radeon 5750 graphics card (for the lifetime warranty). These two parts will set me back $285 and I’m on the lookout for more deals.

Adding up all my rebates I’ve saved a solid $120 by stalking and I’m somewhat proud of myself for being semi-fiscally responsible. A large portion of my time has been put into researching these parts I have yet to buy, and I don’t know if a deal will show up. There was a simliar Radeon 5750 on sale a couple of days ago for $90, but the market moves quickly and prices may be dropping by the end of 2010.

I’m waiting for prices to drop or income to appear in my checking account, but eventually I think I’ll break down and buy the parts I need to get a working computer. Then I’ll finally have my own desktop with which I can dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu.



I miss those little moments in which I feel alive,
moments in which I find I’m outside of myself
in a situation I’d not yet encountered
gritty nights with half fun and half chill

late nights with leaves scattered on the ground
scampering across sidewalks
crunching under feet

breath catches in the air, motionless
moments where the world stands still
and a breeze plays in the nearly barren trees.

No birds are chirping, they’ve all gone south
rusty metal railings keep me from falling
yellow paint peels from a wooden sign
pointing the way to an empty carnival.

A night without laughing or singing
my only friend, the crescent moon
a sickly sliver of light, slicing clouds.