I have a firm anti-Facebook sentiment due to the lack of privacy and amount of inanity on the site. Generally, I like to filter out the junk around me, and only concentrate on what’s important. What you had for breakfast or how much you love your boyfriend this week doesn’t interest me. I saw the appeal of having somewhere to post ideas and get instant feedback from friends when I was back in high school. I signed up to use Facebook within the first few months of 2007, after hearing about it from a friend. If I recall correctly they were talking about relationship statuses.

While not necessarily interested in posting that I was single, the site was a cleaner alternative to Myspace. The site and I go way back. Remember waiting for your messages to stack up, hoping someone would post on your page? New layout? Did you finally figure out how to make your page look like a junkie’s arm? I did my best to make the page look clean by removing borders and finding appeasing combinations between text and background color.

When I found Facebook, the site was instantly appealing. Profile pages were clean and easy to navigate. If I wanted to find a new friend, all I had to do was look through someone’s profile I was friends with. Writing on someone’s wall was simple and I could write “notes” that people would comment on. I could feel good about myself because it seemed that some at least, enjoyed the effort I put into writing the things.

After a while, no one read my notes and no one posted on my wall. Poking everyone on my friend’s list became the only reason I signed in to Facebook and I started disabling my account for weeks at a time to see who noticed. Very few did. At that point I realized I didn’t need Facebook any more. I could still communicate with the people I wanted over Skype or AIM, and so began the time without Facebook.

As a CA in Stevenson, there are 39 other CA’s in the complex whom I can get to know and hang with. Not having the social crutch, forces me to hang out with them in person. Being so close to everyone, my social occlusion would be an unnecessary waste of time. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find somewhere else to hang out because my room is far too stifling. Let’s estimate the temperature with my thermostat… looks to be 80-something.


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