Materialistic Wants

At the moment I find myself wishing I had a PS3, were I less fiscally responsible, I would have gotten one a while ago.

…and now I’m back from Newegg looking at prices again, later I’ll probably end up on Amazon or Ebay. The fact that I could legally watch HD movies on Blu-ray disk is quite enticing. The only thing I would be leery about, is not having the right outputs to output sound to my desktop speakers. All things considered, I really don’t need to get something so expensive, while still in school. Then there’s the nagging idea in my mind, urging me to buy it, because I’m missing out. Why not buy something and enjoy it, instead of waiting and having money pile up in a checking account?

Wants, needs… who’s to say which are which? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a convincing argument for several things if you bend it the right way.


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