Thoughts on the political spectrum

Ask me my views and I’ll tell you what I think about the legalization of illegal drugs or where the health insurance industry should be at present moment. You may ask what my reasoning for these opinions and I’ll plainly say, logic. It’s logical to me, that the policies and regulations put in place help the people who live here. Whether it be saving money or improving their quality of life, I think laws should directly help people and not companies.

The occupation of the Middle-East isn’t helping me, end it.
Pursuing those who use marijuana and treating them as criminals isn’t helping me, stop it.
Paying our money to private companies that gladly pocket it instead of paying our medical bills sucks.

There’s a logical and direct benefit if the rich were taxed more. Who needs thirty billion dollars a year, when one billion is more than enough for an entire city to live on? Then you may say, who is the government to tell these people how much is “too much” and I’ll tell you to sit down. Be less greedy you idiot and keep your mouth shut.

I wish we could do away with these arguments about who’s left and who’s right and do what’s a good idea. I saw an excellent video on about the power of the first follower. One person dancing in the street is a loony flailing their arms, but two people is something to join. That first supporter and all subsequent followers are the power behind spreading opinions. Instead of supporting who’s left or right, follow those who have good ideas.

Better yet, support your own ideas. Actually give your own opinion instead of trying to make your party look good. Perhaps that’s asking too much.

A note on Sarah Palin, I feel her rise is the best testament to prove how many idiots there are living with us. Slogan idea, putting the us back in USA.


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