I’ll advocate for an oil-free world

When will people learn that oil isn’t going to keep working. We, as a planet, need cleaner energy sources. More solar and geo-thermal plants have to go up. Electric cars have to catch on.

Don’t tell me they won’t, because they will, eventually. There will be no oil left and traditional vehicles won’t work.

There have been oil spills all over the globe. One of the hardest hit has been Nigeria. For years the area has had to deal with oil in their freshwater supplies, on the ground, in their fields once used to grow crops and no one is doing anything to stop it.

The US, Gulf Coast
We’ve all see footage and pictures from the gulf. BP is doing everything it can to save its image while the public is enraged at only part of the problem. Blame should not only be placed on the corporation but the bodies who are supposed to regulate and enforce. Don’t blame the president, do you really think he could have done anything to prevent this after only having been in office for a short while.

I’d love to see a ban on off-shore drilling, stricter regulations on basic safety principals, and some accountability… but this is America and money is the only language a lot of people speak.

Now for something you may not have heard about, the oil pipeline which exploded near the Dalian Harbor. While it’s not oil directly from the seabed, there’s still no easy way to clean up an entire harbor. The list just keeps growing and more people around the globe need to take a stand against oil. Supply and demand works, there are just too many people dependent on oil.

Back to the US, Michigan
More recently, and closer to my supply of drinking water, is oil contaminating the Kalamazoo river. There is no end, unless we stop using oil.