Is it possible to define life?
I’m having trouble pinning down exactly what my purpose is.

It’d be nice to have a decent concrete hold on where I am,
where it is I’m going,
and what I’m supposed to be doing.

That’s the kind of mindset I’d expect out of someone looking to join the military.

Thinking for oneself is hard, that’s the point.
So do I “get back” at the system by thinking for myself?


Maybe definitions are the problem, and I’m the only correct part of this equation I struggle with.
Silly math metaphors.

I remember being heiled for a theater metaphor I spun once.
That was back when I felt as though the world made some sense.

Funny how things change. I like my change far too much.

New things, new people, new places.
Shiny places with cars flowing
like brandy through the veins
at the heart of every city
like smoke through the lungs
of every person who believes the media
we’re overly fed with ideas and food.
America is spoiled,
but where does our money go?
Reducing sovereign nations-
where’s the longevity?
Who’s planning for the future
because I can’t do it alone…

Oil is going to stop flowing,
and I want to see that world.

Sustainability and peace.

Kucinich wanted to create a cabinet position in charge of peace
not enough people voted for him.

He’s who the country wants, they just don’t know it.

This angst shit is getting old, but how do I get rid of it?


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