Maybe I’m Dreaming

What I’d like is a Chrome OS device with WiFi and optional 3G/4G on a carrier of my choosing. That’s all.

I have an iPod Classic, so I don’t need it to play my music.
I don’t need it to take pictures because it’s not a DSLR.
I don’t need a phone, I have one of those too.
I don’t care that different carriers use different cellular technology, I’ll pay $25-30 extra to include both chips.

Obviously I don’t need an iPod touch or an iPhone, nor do I have that kind of money at the moment.
I want to use it for a browser in my pocket and that’s it. I don’t want some all-in-one device or super awesome combo dealy that does everything. I don’t need it to do everything, because I want it to be simple.
Simpler than an iPod touch,
smaller than an iPad,
edge-to-edge screen,
I’d settle for five-hour battery life,
and it has to fit in my pocket.

No, I don’t plan on wearing tactical pants or actually seeing something like this on the market for under $100. Oh well.


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