Memorial Day Weekend

I’m interested in seeing what happens to the typical hurricane season with all this oil in the gulf. I’m not rooting for more damage to the economy or the livelihood of those who will be affected by the ramifications of a tragedy this significant.

I’m no expert in hurricane physics, but you have to wonder how far inland this oil will go in a storm. Dust gets trapped in clouds, creating dirty rain. What kind of rain does a whole lot of oil in the primary feeder for gulf storms create.

“Another hurricane is bearing down on Louisiana, but remember, it’s expected to deposit mind-numbing amounts of ecological and economic damage in its wake.”

Fox will blame the democrats and our president. The other media will ask stupid rhetorical questions and maybe somewhere funding will be increased for a cleaner source of energy.

I’ve thought about what kind of car I’d like to buy once I’m living on my own, and I can’t come up with a good answer. For now I do drive whatever car is here because I don’t have to pay for much, but when I’m on my own, I really want to not impact the environment with my spending. What I really want is an entirely electric car like a Tesla. There’s no way I’ll be able to afford a Tesla. Not with college loans to pay off. I want a clean car, one that won’t cause pollution or cost too much.

Sounds like I’ll be riding a bike.

Summer Plans

I only have June and July left, so in essence, my summer vacation is nearly one third over.

  • Finish the rest of the Harry Potter series (I’m half way through the fourth book)
  • Finish the complete Hitchhiker’s Guide of which I’m just over 30% done.
  • Play Ultimate at least four more times.
  • Get a slurpie after at least two of those.
  • Attend Jason’s anual fourth of July party, and his grad party.
  • Run at least twice a week, three times would be great!
  • Sleep outside in a tent. I think it’s called camping somewhere out there.

I’ve run out of steam and this has been in draft all day. Time to post.

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