The War On Drugs

Maybe you have the answer to my question. Why are illegal drugs illegal?

Who’s to tell me how I live my life. Why are there laws agains these substances? Sure, Uranium or plutonium is illegal because they can be made in to nuclear weapons. What can I make out of marijuana? How would it harm anyone else?

Can I make a marijuana bomb to kill thousands or millions? Probably not, but Cheetos wouldn’t be in stock for miles.

I understand a ban on assault weapons, they’re designed to kill people. Manufactured and used for one purpose, a ban is logical.

Cigarettes kill people by way of causing cancer. Alcohol puts inebriated drivers behind the wheel, who later go on to run down innocent civillians. Why aren’t they illegal? Not logical.

Does it all have something to do with money? From what I know, lobbyists are the ones who have a big say around here. Corporate dollars flow in great torrents, knocking the wind out of naysayers and keeping others comfy in exchange for protection.

What good has come from the “war on drugs“?

The world is an ugly place and I have little faith in the majority of humanity. We need to find an alternative for oil, there needs to be less money spent on war and more on peace. Start funding research to keep us around, if that’s appealing to you. How about looking into those thorium reactors? Here’s more on the subject.

“Australia has abundant supplies of thorium. Unlike uranium, thorium doesn’t need significant enriching because it is more than 500 times more abundant in nature than uranium, which should make it cheaper to extract and process.

Thorium reactors produce lower volumes of shorter-lived waste products than conventional reactors. Accelerator-driven thorium reactors do not produce significant quantities of plutonium-239 or U-235 either, so the technology could be supplied to countries such as North Korea and Iran in the knowledge that it could not be used to produce nuclear weapons…India also has large reserves of thorium, second only to Australia.” –

Unfortunately I don’t have enough money or know-how to do anything about it, which can be said about a lot of things.


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