Google Chrome

Chrome is a lovely browser but the little things add up, to dissuade me from using it as my primary. Please do keep in mind that Chrome is sill in beta for the Mac.

1) Keychain integration is pretty much wishful thinking at this point. The “keychain” on a Mac is a secure file where all of my saved usernames and passwords for sites reside. If I visit a site, chrome will ask to access the keychain, but none of the forms ever fill in. This is most evident when I visit eRepublik. Since the site likes to sign me out when I leave the page, typing in my username and fifteen character password for either of my usernames gets annoying fast.

2) The downloads bar. I’m a fan of the download window. Give me a separate window to look at downloads if I want, otherwise don’t show me anything while they’re downloading. Don’t take up my screen real-estate with a little bar that I have to close when the downloads are done. Auto-close it or at least add an option to allow that.

3) The absolute bulk of the GUI. I like my browser simple and functional. Chrome just looks clunky and bloated. It’s mostly the buttons being so big and the amount of vertical space devoted to that dumb downloads bar.


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