Last Week

I hate how quickly time is passing, I only have myself to blame though. I let days slip through my fingers while I sit on my computer doing not much else. I don’t have an engrossing hobby, I don’t go outside for anything, I don’t just sit and talk to anyone and looking back on this year.. I’m a little sad about it being over. There was marching band in the fall, which all began at band camp.

Being a second year HMB member was fun. As the end of the year approached, I was asked several times if I was going to step up and be a section leader for the saxes. Hey, I wouldn’t mind, but I didn’t feel like I really fit in with that band, and I really wanted to be a CA. Since I got the position, I don’t have to worry about not having anything to do.

In the fall I do want to be in concert band because I miss playing my saxophone in a concert band and making music without losing my hearing. Having some music to practice will be a good escape from everything else.

Since I’m done with all of my gen eds at this point it’s all computer science and business admin courses. From Stevenson, it’s quite a hike out to Barsema hall. For those of you not familiar with NIU’s typography, these are the two buildings on opposite ends of the campus.

I have four finals this week and I’m home for the summer.

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