Memorial Day Weekend

I’m interested in seeing what happens to the typical hurricane season with all this oil in the gulf. I’m not rooting for more damage to the economy or the livelihood of those who will be affected by the ramifications of a tragedy this significant.

I’m no expert in hurricane physics, but you have to wonder how far inland this oil will go in a storm. Dust gets trapped in clouds, creating dirty rain. What kind of rain does a whole lot of oil in the primary feeder for gulf storms create.

“Another hurricane is bearing down on Louisiana, but remember, it’s expected to deposit mind-numbing amounts of ecological and economic damage in its wake.”

Fox will blame the democrats and our president. The other media will ask stupid rhetorical questions and maybe somewhere funding will be increased for a cleaner source of energy.

I’ve thought about what kind of car I’d like to buy once I’m living on my own, and I can’t come up with a good answer. For now I do drive whatever car is here because I don’t have to pay for much, but when I’m on my own, I really want to not impact the environment with my spending. What I really want is an entirely electric car like a Tesla. There’s no way I’ll be able to afford a Tesla. Not with college loans to pay off. I want a clean car, one that won’t cause pollution or cost too much.

Sounds like I’ll be riding a bike.

Summer Plans

I only have June and July left, so in essence, my summer vacation is nearly one third over.

  • Finish the rest of the Harry Potter series (I’m half way through the fourth book)
  • Finish the complete Hitchhiker’s Guide of which I’m just over 30% done.
  • Play Ultimate at least four more times.
  • Get a slurpie after at least two of those.
  • Attend Jason’s anual fourth of July party, and his grad party.
  • Run at least twice a week, three times would be great!
  • Sleep outside in a tent. I think it’s called camping somewhere out there.

I’ve run out of steam and this has been in draft all day. Time to post.



I found this neat You Tube channel, wherein this man posts all matter of videos from the news. Mox News he calls it, and the videos got me thinking; if these are the congress members and political figures working to make my life better, what the fuck are the others doing?

Watched a video about HR 5353, which would re-appropriate some 150 billion dollars to give every American the first $35,000 of income completely tax free. It’s money that would otherwise be spent on a completely pointless occupation.

He showed this neat pie chart which lays out how much every country spends on their military. Hey, guess what, the US spends half of the fucking pie chart! Maybe our national debt wouldn’t exist if this weren’t the case.

The War On Drugs

Maybe you have the answer to my question. Why are illegal drugs illegal?

Who’s to tell me how I live my life. Why are there laws agains these substances? Sure, Uranium or plutonium is illegal because they can be made in to nuclear weapons. What can I make out of marijuana? How would it harm anyone else?

Can I make a marijuana bomb to kill thousands or millions? Probably not, but Cheetos wouldn’t be in stock for miles.

I understand a ban on assault weapons, they’re designed to kill people. Manufactured and used for one purpose, a ban is logical.

Cigarettes kill people by way of causing cancer. Alcohol puts inebriated drivers behind the wheel, who later go on to run down innocent civillians. Why aren’t they illegal? Not logical.

Does it all have something to do with money? From what I know, lobbyists are the ones who have a big say around here. Corporate dollars flow in great torrents, knocking the wind out of naysayers and keeping others comfy in exchange for protection.

What good has come from the “war on drugs“?

The world is an ugly place and I have little faith in the majority of humanity. We need to find an alternative for oil, there needs to be less money spent on war and more on peace. Start funding research to keep us around, if that’s appealing to you. How about looking into those thorium reactors? Here’s more on the subject.

“Australia has abundant supplies of thorium. Unlike uranium, thorium doesn’t need significant enriching because it is more than 500 times more abundant in nature than uranium, which should make it cheaper to extract and process.

Thorium reactors produce lower volumes of shorter-lived waste products than conventional reactors. Accelerator-driven thorium reactors do not produce significant quantities of plutonium-239 or U-235 either, so the technology could be supplied to countries such as North Korea and Iran in the knowledge that it could not be used to produce nuclear weapons…India also has large reserves of thorium, second only to Australia.” –

Unfortunately I don’t have enough money or know-how to do anything about it, which can be said about a lot of things.

Summer Break

I would pay for movies if they didn’t cost so much.

The best movie I’ve seen in a very long time I watched just last week. It was nominated for three Oscars, and has been awarded no less than thirteen awards around the world. The plot is enthralling and I was sucked straight into the story. I felt myself relating with the characters and at the end of the movie I’m left with an overwhelming sense of catharsis. It was produced in 1957… 12 Angry Men.

I’d like to use this example as a movie with an engaging plot and an extremely low budget. Compared to most of the drivel produced my America today, the film stands high above many of the movies I’ve seen lately.

I could write more.. but I’ve got no motivation.

Final Exams …among other things

I don’t understand the logic behind highly weighted tests taken at the end of the year encompassing everything covered in the past sixteen weeks of school.

I don’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.. okay it was an oatmeal square, I always have those. Havin to remember every concept in a programming class is ridiculous, especially if one assignment out of the ten I’ve done in cs466 covers PHP. I liked PHP and it was a useful topic, but you think I remember how to do everything by memory? The point is that there are always resources when I need them.

If you cannot tell, I am under a great deal  of stress as I want to try and get on the Dean’s list once again this semester.

Google Chrome

Chrome is a lovely browser but the little things add up, to dissuade me from using it as my primary. Please do keep in mind that Chrome is sill in beta for the Mac.

1) Keychain integration is pretty much wishful thinking at this point. The “keychain” on a Mac is a secure file where all of my saved usernames and passwords for sites reside. If I visit a site, chrome will ask to access the keychain, but none of the forms ever fill in. This is most evident when I visit eRepublik. Since the site likes to sign me out when I leave the page, typing in my username and fifteen character password for either of my usernames gets annoying fast.

2) The downloads bar. I’m a fan of the download window. Give me a separate window to look at downloads if I want, otherwise don’t show me anything while they’re downloading. Don’t take up my screen real-estate with a little bar that I have to close when the downloads are done. Auto-close it or at least add an option to allow that.

3) The absolute bulk of the GUI. I like my browser simple and functional. Chrome just looks clunky and bloated. It’s mostly the buttons being so big and the amount of vertical space devoted to that dumb downloads bar.

Last Week

I hate how quickly time is passing, I only have myself to blame though. I let days slip through my fingers while I sit on my computer doing not much else. I don’t have an engrossing hobby, I don’t go outside for anything, I don’t just sit and talk to anyone and looking back on this year.. I’m a little sad about it being over. There was marching band in the fall, which all began at band camp.

Being a second year HMB member was fun. As the end of the year approached, I was asked several times if I was going to step up and be a section leader for the saxes. Hey, I wouldn’t mind, but I didn’t feel like I really fit in with that band, and I really wanted to be a CA. Since I got the position, I don’t have to worry about not having anything to do.

In the fall I do want to be in concert band because I miss playing my saxophone in a concert band and making music without losing my hearing. Having some music to practice will be a good escape from everything else.

Since I’m done with all of my gen eds at this point it’s all computer science and business admin courses. From Stevenson, it’s quite a hike out to Barsema hall. For those of you not familiar with NIU’s typography, these are the two buildings on opposite ends of the campus.

I have four finals this week and I’m home for the summer.