I wish all my grades were up on blackboard. Currently I only know how well I’m doing in half of my classes and In these two, the most recent grades are from April 9th (csci 466) and April 14th (csci 340). I’m stressing out over the test I haven’t gotten back yet in phil 205, because I got a 100% on the last test, I want to know if I did as well. Anything lower will probably be a disappointment.

Seeing as I got a nifty 4.0 last semester, I want to keep that going. This group project in csci 466 is causing me a load of stress. One member of the group is never in class, the one person who wrote our site and still needs to add a few things never shows up to class and the whole project is due Friday. It has to be in our teacher’s hand by the end of class and it’s worth over 300 points. To give you a scale of things, the tests are 100 points and the other assignments are 50 points. Failing to get a large majority of those points will guarantee I don’t get an A. Most of the people I talked to in class could only muster a mid-level C on the first exam. Yes, that’s right, we’ve had one exam all year.

Tests in programming courses are something else. As a CS major I spend a considerable amount of time working through a program having the compiler there to tell me if a line of code doesn’t work. On a paper test you know how much feedback I get? The same as you get on any other test, none. In csci 466, the assignments all let me check my answers before finalizing anything. After a while you get used to figuring out certain things by yourself and with little instruction because you know when it’s not working and can try again after looking it up online.

How does a written test, requiring me to write out code on paper, test what I’ve learned. Do you realize the number of things I have to memorize in order to get a good grade on a test like that? This is the result of a antiquated professor teaching a subject that hasn’t changed in 12 years. Some of the PowerPoints I’ve seen in that class had sound effects on nearly every bullet point and gradient lines around the borders. I’m surprised more of them didn’t use comic sans.

I found out where I’ll be stationed last year, (if you didn’t see, Stevenson D6) and the other CA’s in D tower seem alright to me. Hey, they got the job didn’t they?

I have a lot due in the next few days and I want to give up at this point. Motivation is wearing thin, as well as morale.


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