Disappointments with the content industry

I like Hulu, I have ever since it was a one-off site that got a mention on Buzz Out Loud. There was only content from NBC, but that wasn’t a problem because those were the only shows I watched. At the time, I saw nothing wrong with the site, even if I couldn’t skip the ads. You see, I’m not a fan of the television, because 1) I can’t pause it 2) I have to watch the shows on their schedule 3) The ads are generally obnoxious. The five or so twenty second ads that are shown during a half-hour of a Hulu show are not that bad. I actually watch them because they’re not a problem. If I were watching TV, I’d simply get up and do something else, seeing none of the ads.

Watching Hulu it’s hard to miss the lack of ads, and I hate how some sites don’t have full episodes online. I would probably watch The Big Band Theory if it were on Hulu, instead I’ll have to torrent it.

Dear CBS, you get no revenue when I torrent your shows, how can I support you if you don’t put them online for me to watch? Aren’t you supposed to create content for everyone to consume? Last time I checked, I’m the target audience for that show. You’re missing out on money, and if I encounter litigation, I’ll use that as my defense. CBS made me do it, just like buying the off-brand pop tarts because they cost half as much, only one’s free and the other are sitting out in the open half way across the city.

I probably had more to say, but I got distracted.


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