Goodbye Facebook

I don’t use Facebook anymore, if you haven’t noticed. I don’t like it. (What’s more likely is that you won’t read this.)

Before that I stopped playing any and all games on Facebook. I don’t like flash, it’s clunky and sucks.

I really wish Hulu didn’t use flash.

Last week I officially applied and interviewed to become a CA. I received a glowing reference form, from a friend who lives a few floors down and another from my CA. I’m not sure what the latter said, but if it’s at all a representation of me, I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Wednesday was a social, where I found out, to my surprise, that Brad Saxon want’s to be a CA too. Thursday was the actual interview. I had a one-on-one, a two-on-one and then a group observation process, wherein they see how we interact with other people. The most unnerving was sitting across the table from two people interviewing me. It’s hard to know which person to address with your answer, because they would both write down what I was saying.

My interview to become a CA in the Honor’s House is the 19th, and hopefully I meet the criteria they’re looking for. Being in the honors house and being a CA is the one thing I could wish for, that’s attainable. I’m in the Honors Program, I’m a like-able (enough) person, and I want to be there.

Tomorrow I should be getting my test back in Philosophy 205. *fingers crossed for an A*


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