The Start of A New Week

I’m getting pretty fed up with my Mighty Mouse because the scroll ball repeatedly stops working; I assume there’s junk stuck in the mouse somewhere. There’s no good way to take apart the mouse without breaking it completely so I can either live with it or get a nice Logitech mouse, with two actual buttons. Guild Wars has such a trying time distinguishing between the two buttons apparently. Since it’s an Apple piece of hardware, (and bluetooth) it doesn’t work well with anything Microsoft. I want to get a corded laser mouse with at least three buttons on it, and the neat forward/backward feature in the scroll wheel for navigation through webpages.

My interview for CA is this week on Thursday, hopefully I remember to go, unlike the restech one. Though, I don’t know how fed-up with people I would have been if I had to work at Restech, helping people with their computer woes. I have little patience for woefully ignorant people.

Happy February all, I do not look forward to my birthday. Being a 20-year old isn’t appealing to me; I want to go back to being 17.

Don’t you just hate people who can’t substantiate their ideas enough to make them look like paragraphs.. c’mon people!

I was thinking about maybe getting my latest poem published. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, scroll down to the previous entry. While looking up a respectable place to submit my poem, I got bogged down in reading about all the poetry scams that are out on the internets.


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