An Observation

Hardly anyone takes the time to stop and write down what they’re thinking, I miss those days. Sure, people post a few things here and there on Facebook, but little of it has intellectual merit. How much is simply and inside joke or a few lines stating how the person feels?

There’s a lot of ‘what’ out there in the world, but little ‘why’.

I’m getting comfortable with my schedule for this semester. Being done by noon every Monday, Wed, Fri is the same thing as last semester. On those days I get up, take a shower and plop myself at the computer for my morning ritual. I open up my MacBook with a breakfast square in my mouth. After checking my emails, which are usually few, I follow up on any Facebook related posts or urgent requests. On Tuesday and Thursday I’ve been waking up and then going running because class starts at 11, and I have more time to settle into getting the hang of my new schedule. Next week I want to get back to running on Mon, Wed, Fri at the very least. Perhaps I’ll make it every day of the week before the end of the semester.

Tonight was an informational meeting about becoming a Community Advisor for a floor, starting in the fall. I’m working on writing my cover letter and resume for the application process, but haven’t gotten much of the cover letter written. I have to think a little more on “why I want to be a CA” so I can give a thoughtful and cogent response. I really hope I’m accepted, so I don’t have to find someone to room with next year. For now I’ll sign up to retain the room I’m in, then get moved to another floor when the time comes.

Since CA’s have to be all moved in by Aug. 3rd that kinda cuts into the time I’ll have for a summer internship, if I can find one.

I was thinking and noted the many times I’ve felt at peace because the friends I was with, I had met because of a recurring group. May it be school, band or Boy Scouts, those were the ways I found my best friends. Perhaps I can build a few strong friendships through being a CA. I can meet some more people who may think more like I do.

I don’t know if you read my notes, but I make it a point to read those that post something requiring thought through to the end. That’s why I can be a good Community Advisor, I’m interested in offering what I can for those who are willing to listen. Come to me with what you have and I’ll spare an ear or opinion.


One response to “An Observation

  1. seriously! there is no meaning or purpose anymore. When did life just become one long pain? Why, when we look at our kids, can we see nothing that we remember from our childhood?

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